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FFN: Handspun Socks

February 4, 2016

I finally finished The Giant’s handspun socks, this is exciting because it marks the first pair of hand spun socks that I have knit. I cast these bad boys on back on January 9 of this year and managed to knock out the first sock fairly quickly. Unfortunately I didn’t pay enough attention to the amount of yarn I was using, which meant I was going to come up short for the second sock. After a brief discussion with The Giant, it was decided to sub in a somewhat similar color of yarn for the heel. This ended up working out well because the finished socks left me with less than a yard of yarn left.

As for the second sock itself, the knitting went pretty slow. I found that I was just not picking it up and working on it like I normally do. Second Sock Syndrome thankfully doesn’t strike all that much around here, so the lack of progress on this sock was weird. It took until yesterday early morning/late night (that weird time where you haven’t gone to sleep yet, but technically it’s the next day…) for me to realize where the issue was coming from. I actually feel a little silly that I didn’t figure it out sooner, but something about learning and all that. My issue? It came down to an extra needle. I knit my socks on DPN’s (cuff down for those playing along at home) and for this pair I somehow only had four needles to work with. I have a variety of different sock needles, but my usual ones are the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz, I tried them for the first time in the last year or so and fancied them enough to go out and buy a few more sets. Unfortunately along the way one needle ended up have the metal tip come loose/fall off (I haven’t had any issues like that with the rest of the needles) which meant that I had two full sets of 5 needles and one set of just 4. Normally when I knit I like to have 4 needles to spread out the stitches (and save my hands) with the fifth one being my “working” needle. But, because of that random 4 set I somehow never thought to nab one of the free needles I have. Of course I only really discovered this once I had knit about 70% of the second sock; let me tell you that once I realized the issue (and made the change) that last 30% flew by. So lesson learned.

As for the socks, I have been told that they are the best fitting ones thus far (which is great, because I actually made modifications this time AND took notes.)


Sorry for the potato quality photos, I ended up giving them to The Giant to try on, and they ended up getting worn all night. Fun fact, trying to take photos late at night with cats determined to investigate is a real challenge.


You can see in the photo above the heel from the first sock, I ended up using the other end of the ball to not disturb the sequence; you may notice that there is a random change in the striping at the foot. I am going to chalk it up to the randomness of hand spun.


This is where the extra yarn came into play. I tried to find something that I thought might blend in more, which thanks to the random colors meant that some Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock was just the ticket. I feel like it’s less noticeable in person, although that might just be a delusional attempt to keep myself from obsessing over it.

Like I said above The Giant said these were the best fitting pair so far, which is great. the mods I made to my usual recipe are as follows.

I ended up knitting a 2×2 rib for 20 rounds, knit the leg for 60 rounds, Fish Lips Kiss Heel (side note I think I finally have the pattern memorized!) 7 1/2 inches until the toe decreases, followed by a decrease pattern that goes, k1, k2tog at the first needle (make sure the stitches are in the right place.) second needle, k2tog, k1 (repeat first and second on third and fourth) knit 3 rounds, repeat decreases, knit 2 rounds, repeat decreases, knit 2 rounds, repeat decreases, knit 1 round, repeat decreases, and then repeat decreases every round until 20 stitches remain total, kitchner and then weave in ends. My quest for a good rounded toe is ongoing, so I am sure the toes may be modified at some point in the future, but otherwise I will keep using this recipe for The Giant at least.

So how’s your knitting going?

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