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I could’ve sworn

February 11, 2016

I could’ve sworn that somewhere on this blog would be a photo, or a post pertaining to the giant green monster. However my archives have yielded nothing and my photos remain mum on the matter. So my dear readers it would appear I have engaged in some unintentional stealth knitting. In order to remedy that, and to show off my progress (because let’s be honest it’s pretty much only about the progress) I present you with the giant green monster.


If I fits I sits…

And no, it is not the cat, although you could mistake him for a monster sometimes, particularly when wet wool is involved. You may notice the small amount of green showing beneth the cat butt. In fact that is the bottom part of a sweater for me. This sweater in fact. For those of you not wanting to click the link, the pattern is Mama Verterbrae by Kelly Brooker. (Aside, so whenever I write the name Kelly I default to one particular spelling, Kellie, never mind the fact that the spelling is not the “normal” one, I also find I do that with a Chelsey and Sarah. Those two might be more “typical” but I find it odd that I have met multiple Chelsey’s and I have yet to find one that spells it the same as any of the others;same with the Kellie’s; Sarah’s however seem to fall into the “h” and “non h” groups. I never said the aside was particularly helpful….did I mention I am on my third cup of coffee this morning?)


The sweater/cardigan/thing is being knit out of Berroco Vintage in the creatively named 5174, which I think looks like olive green, with just a hint less yellow undertone. That is I hope it is less yellow undertones, lest I end up looking a bit ill every time I wear it. As for the progress, I finally finished the body last night, which is great because I was starting to wonder if I hit a black hole with the thing. I kept knitting, and knitting, and knitting on it and every time I would measure it would have grown by an inch or less.  Considering that the yarn is worsted this felt like some cruel joke. I am sure the fact that I decided to knit the body longer (because while I am short, I have a really long torso and very short legs. Does anyone else have to shop in both the tall and petite sections?) and then I had to rip back to knit even longer had nothing to do with that feeling. But it’s done! I even got the Giant to admire my handy work last night. (side note, if you have a person who is obligated  willing to admire your work, I advocate that you make use of them. I have gotten to the point that I pretty much just tell the Giant, “Hey look at this thing I made, oogle it with me.” Luckly he’s a good sport.)


But come on, just look at that twisted rib, isn’t that a thing of beauty?

So my next task (after I stop the cats from tag teaming sitting on the sweater) is the sleeves, followed by the collar and Bob’s your uncle this thing is done. (Okay there will be blocking and weaving in ends, but we will not speak of those things, deal?) The only hitch may come from the sleeves themselves, I currently have to dig around to find a short enough cable for my needles, right now I am on a 72 ” sucker that flops more than a toddler who is avoiding a nap.


I am sure I can figure something out at this point.

How’s your week going?

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  1. Your work is the cat’s meow!

  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  3. Lovely color choice for that sweater!

  4. You’re coming right along, I’ve been knitless this week, trying to concentrate on paperwork (with a little crocheting thrown in)

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