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Everything is a WIP

February 23, 2016

Sorry for the absence last week. Thanks to the wonder that is the human body I ended up having some jaw issues that put me out for a little while. The issues are on their way to being resolved but are still going on.

I suppose everything seems like it is on going, right now. As far as knitting is concerned I am not even close to any finished objects right now, and when it comes to spinning I seem to be stuck in a black hole. The kind where no matter how much fluff gets put on the wheels the piles never seem to end. (I can blame this part on the fact that my default spinning is super thin.) As for life stuff, almost everything is up in the air with waiting periods that make me feel like I am stuck at the DMV with only one person working the counter.

All of this makes for boring blogging, or at least it would if I could muster the drive to actually write something. Of course it’s just a low period right now, and soon things will get better..blah blah blah. I don’t meant to knock optimism most of the time I can at least play along, but right now that isn’t happening. Thankfully the Giant is being his awesome self, always, and the cats are getting along for the most part.

In other news I am coming up on the 60 day mark, for what I have decided to call the year of frugal fibers; which is also known as no buying any fiber related items. I participated with Amanda over at SewKnitPicky for No Buy January and while it has been tempting (especially when Amanda released a new colorway that made my hands all grabby) I am finding it a bit easier as I approach the two month mark. Of course part of the advantage of this is the fact that I am forced to stash bust, although I do think I would have to be knitting/spinning more before I could honestly claim any reduction.

So how are all of you doing?




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  1. I’m impressed you’ve made it almost 2 full months! I did OK in January, but in February here, well, I fell off the wagon pretty hard. I didn’t intend to No Buy in February, but I more than made up for not buying in January. I may attempt a no buy in March again to try and even things out. We’ll see. Which colorway gave you the grabby hands? 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so cruddy. I tend to fall into depressed moods more easily when my Chris is gone. Some days I have to consider just getting up and keeping the dogs and kids fed a good day.

    • Thanks for the comisseration on the depression front. I will admit I had to pause while I tried to think of who Chris was, of course it dawned on me eventually, ha ha.
      As for the grabby hands skein it’s your latest, Macrons. I was smitten when I saw it on your podcast debut, but then Kate was knitting something out of it and I was so tempted! I swear you two are a great marketing team, even if unintentional.

  2. Ahhh…. that no buy fiber thingy has been hard for me. I’m back on the wagon in March. IG and FB doesn’t help smother the urges. I think I’ll make a wishing jar to help curb some of the urges. Maybe by November I can reward myself with some lovely yarn. Glad things are good okay. I’m on middle grown myself just outside of pessimism. Let’s be kind to ourselves…take on day at a time.

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