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As luck would have it

February 26, 2016

I was so close to finishing the singles on one of my spins, seriously just a little tuff of fiber and I was home free. Of course this also happened to be on my single treadle wheel because a little while ago I ended up stubbing my toe pretty bad, luckily nothing was broken, just brusied and tender. Thankfully the injury was on my left foot, which still allowed me to easily spin, since I am a right-handed and apparently footed dominate person.

As luck would have it, being this close to finishing the singles, I ended up dropping a very large and very heavy shampoo bottle on my toes on my right foot (this was one of those extra large sizes that you can get to refill your regular sized bottles.) I was able to get it cleaned up (there was blood) with the help of the Giant, but it put me out of comission to work on the last little bit of spinning.

This morning I decided to try to overcome my sudden role as the universe’s cat toy and try to finish that single, because sometimes you just have to, it’s a matter of pride principle. I first tried with the injured foot, because why not inflict more pain on myself, right? Suffice it to say that was a no go. The second attempt was to use just my left foot, which ended up with me doing my best impression of a newborn gazelle. Feeling a bit sorry for myself I decided to give it one more go, this time I used both feet (aside from feeling silly and attempting not to injure my toe further) and managed to defeat that tuff.

While it may not have been my most graceful attempt, nor wouuld I recommend it to anyone, at least not with a tiny foot pedal, I did it. Victory is mine. IMG_2392

The singles are resting now (and so am I) while I figure out how I want to ply this (eventually, let’s not get carried away on the whole conquering things.)

So any thoughts from you dear readers? The fiber is a BFL firestar combo and aside from being covered in random bits of firestar (seriously it feels worse than glitter, I feel like I get it all off of me and two hours and a room later and the Giant pulls a strand or two off of me. At least the dust buffalo will now have some fashionable to clump with.)

Chain ply? Two ply? Light the whole thing on fire and pretend it never existed? Something else, perhaps less flamable? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time.


From → Fiber Arts, Spinning

  1. Oh my goodness! Your poor feet. Roughly what weights will it end up as a two ply vs a three ply?

  2. Chain ply – it’ll be beautiful 🙂 then thwack the living daylights out of it!! Hehe

  3. I say ply it and then take particular pleasure in thwacking it 😃

  4. Missy's Crafty Mess permalink


  5. Wow. Looks awesome. Shame about all the pain along the way!

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