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Jet Set

March 24, 2016

This past Tuesday I took myself to the airport and boarded a plane for an extended visit with the Emerald City and my best friend. Luckily I seem to have missed any issues with the storm that swept across the Rockies and the Midwest.

When I was packing for this trip I paid special attention to the knitting projects I was taking. I wanted something that would be small enough to fit in my luggage, which is a limited space. I wanted something that would keep me busy for the time out here, and I wanted something that wasn’t too complicated because fatigue, jetlag and general chronic pain issues make it hard to concentrate.

I ended up with a pair of socks for the Giant. Those have been cast on, and then I promptly packed them in my checked baggage (oops.) I also decided to dig out some older stash and cast on a lace weight cardigan. I realize the abject horror some of you may be feeling right now. Normally I wouldn’t have considered it, aside from my original purchase, but it fit the critera well, and honestly I wasn’t sure when I would get to it otherwise.

The cardigan has no real pattern. I gathered a few different patterns I had, swatched and used the math wizardy I found from this website to figure out the basics.  It’s definitely slow going, but it also is pretty soothing.  I am using Knit Picks Shadow Lace in the Basalt Heather colorway, and for some type of visual interest, a skein of the same stuff in the Autumn Heather colorway for stripes.

Here’s the status of it so far. So far it’s been a no thinking project and I know eventually I will reach a point where it looks more like a cardigan and less like a bundle of dirty laundry.


The actual getting to the airport and through security proved to be pretty nerve wracking, the Attack in Brussels happened the same day I was flying out. I figured restrictions might be harsher than normal and I fully anticipated having to undo my progress on the cardigan. Luckily security gave the okay and I was able to keep working on it.

The flight attendants were the only people that commented on my knitting and it was all nice things, so that was a relief.

Luckily aside from turbulance mainly when getting ready to land the flight was good. I was mostly excited that I didn’t get sick, although there was a few moments during the end that I could feel my tummy rebeling. (Gotta love motion sickness right?)

So far we haven’t done much exploring, which is just as well I think I will be recovering for a little bit. I am still just happy to be here, in part because my view is a dramatic change from the usual, and frankly I am in love.


The Pacific Northwest has always held an allure for me. There was a fear that it wouldn’t live up to the image I had, but when the Giant and I manged to visit last Autumn, I was smitten.

This time however, I can’t seem to wrap my brain around how much this place makes me happy. The weather has been drizzly and cool and it makes me smile whenever I step outside.


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