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Ira McKnitty Pants: Special Report

May 24, 2016

Hello and welcome to an Introverted Knitter’s special report. I am your host Ira McKnitty-Pants. As some of you may have noticed the Introverted Knitter has been MIA for the last few weeks. This reporter finally had a chance to sit down with IK and catch up on her fiber pursuits. It appears that despite the plethora of yarn in her possession IK has managed little by way of progress, this may be due to factors that IK was unwilling to go into detail about at this time.

I am told one major obstacle in IK’s fiber world has been referred to as “The F*@#$*&% Never Ending Spin” (please note that while journalistic integrity is of the utmost importance, the actual phrasing has been edited to maintain a somewhat family friendly blog.) When probed for details, IK responded that a spin she started back in late February or early March had only just recently been upgraded from original spin to “resting” singles. I am told the fiber itself was nothing short of fantastic and that the wheel was also in great working order; however despite a three-week gap where IK was out-of-state the spin continue(s) to languish on her wheel. It is of this reporters opinion that the fine nature of the singles may have contributed to the length of time it took to achieve the singles. When pressed for details concerning when plying may occur, IK remained firm in providing no exact deadline, but a variation of when “pigs fly out your a*%, was briefly discussed. I was able to capture a brief picture of the “resting” singles for our dear readers.


During the course of our interview IK was willing to share that not all fiber work has left such a strong negative reaction, and in fact she was willing to share a photo of her work with one of the known stash guardians that share the home with her and The Giant.

IMG_3101This photo was taken prior to what I am told is yet another doctor’s appointment, the stash guardian seen here, has only recently developed an appreciation for lap sitting, and yet has remained adept in his ability to not only remain adorable, but has also proven skilled in disrupting IK’s knitting time in the most efficient manner.

While this reporter was limited in his ability to ascertain just when IK will return to her regular blog posting scheduled, it does appear that she is doing her level best to remain up to date on fiber related news.

This has been a special report on Introverted Knitter’s Blog, and I’m Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting.


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