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Fresh From the Needles Tuesday Edition

May 31, 2016

A few weeks ago a very special tiny human in my life celebrated her second birthday. Unfortunately the Giant and I were not able to attend the festivities. Fortunately we were able to see her and the rest of her family this past weekend. While their trip was short and time with them never long enough, I did manage to give her a belated birthday gift that seemed to go over fairly well. (Although truth be told, she was far more interested in our cats than anything else, but then again who could blame her?)

I had asked her mother what were considered favorites at this point. I was given a color and an animal and I set to work.

First up was raiding the yarn stash for color apporpriate yarn, which come to find out is not as easy as I expected. As someone who also is a big fan of purple, I have a shocking limited amount. The animal in question was a dog, (or as I came to find out the more affectionately called “arf arf”)

I set to work and before their arrival I managed to create it this little guy for her.


Photos proved hard to achieve, but the overall reception seemed promising.

The pattern isn’t really a pattern. I worked with what I knew for in terms of general shaping and managed to get something resembling a dog. Which I will take as a very thankful win.

One Comment
  1. Aw! He’s a sweet little thing. I bet she’ll love him, and he will be a treasured friend.

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