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FFNF: Gerald the Giraffe

June 3, 2016

I know I spoke last time about not having any finished objects to share, that was a bit of a lie. The reason I have held out on this particular FO is two-fold. 1) It was actually meant to be given about a week ago. 2) I held off this week because I really wanted a Fresh From the Needles Friday edition (and frankly I feel like you do too.)

The gift knitting for tiny humans continues and in all actuality this finished object was the inspiration/kick off for most of the knitting for tiny humans that has been happening lately. This time, the FO is destined for a tiny human whose parent’s both the Giant and I know. Add to this, that the mother is also a knitter and I found myself just inspired to cast on. (Plus it got rid of some stash, which is always good right?)

I decided to use an easy care yarn (aka superwash) because the intended tiny human just had her second birthday and personally my goal with toy knitting for the tiny humans is that it will need to be washed at some point. (This being due to actually usage and playing as opposed to just being dusty.) Also I haven’t yet printed anything out, but I do fully intend to pass along the message that repairs are free from yours truly. (Again the whole, let’s actually use it.)

Without further ado I present Gerald the Giraffe:


He is a striped little guy thanks to my using stash yarn, but I think it adds a little charm. The bottom feet I actually knit little legs and stuffed them before attaching, but the tail and “hands” are I cord with some increases done at the ends. The mouth was my first attempt at using a varied version of the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, which turned out better than I expected. His ears are just some basic increases and I whipped stitch those on. The horns have a little stuffing and are also whip stitched.

Over all I am simply in love with this little guy. There are times when I kind of just wing it and end up with something I love/ think is adorable. (My favorite part is the small tufted of hair at the top.)

Fingers crossed that this is as big of a hit as the “arf arf” was.


Do you ever just wing it when knitting? Have you ever ended up with results you really loved? How about something a little less than stellar? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


Until next time.

  1. Sooo sweet!

  2. He is sweet! I’m a big advocate of washable yarn for kids’ toys. I love it when I see a toy I’ve knit thrown riding a train or in a doll carriage. It’s good to see them in use.

  3. Adorable !

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