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When three’s too much of a crowd

August 4, 2016

First and foremost, how is it Thursday? I swear last time I checked the calendar it was Saturday and then I blinked and BAM here we are. Okay, okay maybe there was a bit of a whirlwind trip to the PNW Sunday through Wednesday and so switching between the time zones twice may have thrown me for a bit of wackadoo loop, but I still feel like there is a day  or two in there that I am missing.

So where to start with it all? Well let’s get that trip business out of the way right? Sunday I loaded myself and a few things onto a plane (I should make note here that in my infinte wisdom I decided it would be “better” (although the question is for whom?) if I didn’t bring any knitting with me) and set off for the Seattle area. Having landed, I had the first big adventure of figuring out just where I was supposed to go to meet up with my (second ever) Uber driver. (Side note here, as shocking as this might seem (note saracasm) the people that help you find a cab, are never going to be thrilled when you have to ask them just where to go to find the “share ride” spot. The person was helpful, but none too happy.) Having finally found the spot (fun fact it’s in the parking garage level 3 row I, big section you can’t miss it, although you might miss your driver the first time they circle around.) I was taken to my hotel before meeting up with my friend. (Note if you follow me on instagram, she’s the one with the little black fluff of a dog.)


Now when I went to visit said friend earlier this year she introduced me to beef teriyaki, since coming back to the midwest I’ve had strong cravings for one spot in particular. So our big reunited plan was to grab the food and spend the evening catching up. Of course, because it just had to work this way, the place was closed!

Our adventure continued when we decided to stop somewhere else to grab food. Now having lived in the Chicago area (as opposed to the Nebraska suburban area as of late) I grew used to the brazen multitude of birds that would end up hanging out near the train. However that’s been a few years now and so when this guy showed up I  naturally had a little bit of uneasiness (to be fair part of it was the fear of the bird coming after the similarly sized dog.)


As we moved away from the area the crow decided to hop down and approached a family just to the left of this photo. One of the kids was none to happy (can you blame him?) and made every effort to scare the bird away (it didn’t work, remember brazen?) We left before the saga ended but I would like to think the bird managed to grab something off the ground before leaving the family alone.

Around the time I was dropped back at the hotel I started to realize the lone book I had packed was over halfway finished and I was a feeling that little twitch in my fingers as I tried to settle in for the night. I managed to find something to watch for a little while before I caved and read a few more chapters of my book.

The following day was spent looking at an apartment that accepted our three cats. (Super fun fact going from owning your home back to apartment living isn’t easy, it’s even less so when you happen to have three cats (as opposed to the usual two pet maximum most places allow) I know we are not the only one that has more than two pets and while I was able to find a few places that accepted them, it was still significantly harder than I was expecting.)

The rest of the day was spent reviewing other places (and calling about the pet policy) before I was able once again to hang out with my friend for the evening. We ended up getting the teriyaki and headed back to her place. Now for the sad part, the teriyaki ended up being part of a whirlwind of poor food choices on my part, however in this instance we chalked it up to the sodium content, because I am not part deer, as my friend jokes, it was decidedly not a favorable experience. I know you are all sad, trust me I was pretty bummed too. Returning to the hotel far earlier than planned, I was once again regretting my choice to forgo any knitting. I managed to avoid reading anymore of my book that night thanks to the Golden Girls and Frasier mini marathons that happened to be on. (Why yes I chuckled far too long at the fact that I was watching Frasier while in (the) Seattle (area) I know I can’t be the only one that finds it a little fun.)

The second day (which I suppose would have been Tuesday at this point…maybe that’s the day I thought I was missing) was a repeat of the first, with the notable exception of the appointment for the tour (not set up by me) was not in the apartment’s records. (Can you say anxiety inducing moment, because I can. One of my biggest fears is showing up somewhere they aren’t expecting you.) Luckily they were more than nice about it and I managed to get a little tour of a model (so close to the one we settled on it hurts.) Fun fact of this place it is a just a short walk (and a ridiculously large hill) away from my friend’s place that I was able to head over there and spend some more time with her dog. It wasn’t too bad of a walk (minus that freakin’ hill) even with the rain, which I was able to avoid for the most part because everywhere out there is covered in trees. Seriously, so many trees. Coming from a suburan area that is part of newer development there are a lot of planted trees, but it will be another 5-15 years before they actually produce any real shade.

Wednesday found me leaving the hotel early (6:00 am-ish) so I could make sure to have enough time to 1) get to the airport-Seattle traffic/finding an uber. 2) Make it through security. 3) Find my gate. Of course because I did all of these things for a mid morning flight-the uber was easy to get and encountered very little traffic. I made it through security within 25-30 minutes, and my gate was right there. Better early than running late, but having budgeted more than enough time (plus extra padding because of that whole anxiety issue) I was at the airport almost three hours before my flight was to board. It worked out fine, although I ended up reading a bit more than I should have in the terminal.

That whole reading budget I have been mentioning? Yeah, I only brought one book for the trip (including flights), I had no knitting with me and my phone’s charger ended up not fully (or even really) charging my phone, so I was attempting to save battery life. (Also I live in fear of my phone dying on me. I don’t actually use it as much as you would think, and it rarely dips lower than 40% even when I am home, although this trip I ended up using it a lot more (Uber app and texting with the Giant) and with a failing charger, it ended up getting lower than 10% at one point.) Now you maybe asking why didn’t I buy a book or magazine at the airport (aside from cost, because whoa) there was nothing that peaked my interest (that I don’t already own. Also I am not a big magazine fan (unless it is fiber related, and even then I don’t tend to go out of my way to get them.)

The flight home (after having to switch gates-which was less than 1200 yards away so grumpy mcgrumpy-pants should have kept their mouths shut- due to an injury (baggage handler) on the tarmac, I was informed he would be all right) was a mix of turbulence, tiny humans who decided to yell and scream for most of the flight, people who didn’t know how to turn off/down the sound on their cellphone games and a serious lack of sleep. Which meant that when this damn near mythical moment ended up being my near reality (there were others in the row across from me) I thanked my lucky stars and read the whole way home. *


*Not the entire way because I finished the book about 30 minutes before we landed which meant I got to listen to the tiny humans yell as well as a that damn cell phone game for the final part of my flight. Add in some serious turbulance, which luckily did not cause me to get sick-despite my stomach’s best tries and you may have found me a little less than at my best while I waited in the heat for the Giant to resuce me from the airport.


The day ended with a little going away party which I will talk more about tomorrow, while I share my best impersonation of a robot (Spoiler there is hand spun from our lady Marja (and from the always talented Shells!) as well as puppy snuggles, cheese and wine.)


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  1. hope you dont get Jet lag? haha

  2. it sounds like the trip from hell, with a friend and puppy thrown in. But did I read right? Did you find an apartment you like? that takes cats? 🙂 PS Shells already told about the party, so you just have to fill in details and show spoils.

  3. shellssells permalink

    I am not entirely sure how you managed all that in a short time and only are missing ONE day! Dude.

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