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Road Trip Wips

August 12, 2016

As I may have mentioned before The Giant and I are packing ourselves and the cats up and heading off to our new home in the next few days. Whatever we don’t pack in the car will be arriving about 2-4 weeks after us. Now we have a tiny car, and between clothing, cats, food (for the cats), cookware (for us), and misc other things we need there is not a lot of room for extras. Luckily I have a backpack from my graduate school/college days that doubles as a laptop carrier so I have at least a little bit of room to stuff some WIP’s in. Now I tried to be somewhat realistic when packing these projects. They have to be smaller items or at least squishable, they should be something I won’t finish too quickly, they need to be interesting but also mindless and they should be varied enough, so that if we don’t get our items until week four (shudder) I won’t be clawing at the walls in frustration.

While there are many projects that fit this description I decided to stick mainly with actual works in progress, with two new projects should I run out of knitting.

First up is a pair of modified Rose City Rollers I have been keeping on the back burner for the most part. These are knit on size 0’s and contain the fish lips kiss heel (hence the modification.) I am using some random stash by way of Knit Picks Felici in the foxglove colorway. Somehow the two skeins I had of this yarn became separated along the way and part of one made its way into my sock yarn blanket, while a part of another made it’s way into a random sock that was languishing in the cross stitching supplies. Don’t ask me when or how it ended up in that bin, but it was found and promptly frogged. While Felici is known for it’s striping and softness (although it pills like a mo fo) I wasn’t too bothered by this fact and instead knit my little heart out, letting the colors fall where they may.

It’s hard to see but the first completed sock as a small stripe of the darker pink that separates the two light pink sections. The second sock has more of the darker pink to act as a divider. Since I am past the heel and zooming* along these might actually be completed before we head out (don’t hold me to that.)

*The zooming is less zooming due to this yarn thief.

He’s been taking every opportunity to absconce with the yarn ball, which means not only do I have to chase him (which he loves and is part of the reason he does it) I also have to untangle and rewind the yarn. Don’t let his cuteness fool you, he’s also a big fan of trying to eat the yarn and so when I knit I often come across small sections of wet spots which is unnerving to say the least.

Next up and what I assume will be a big part of my road trip knitting is a shawl that I cast on thanks to the amazing Laura from the Knit Shift Podcast.  Thanks to her rave reviews I decided to cast one on and becuase I was feeling a little down I chose some yarn I had been saving for just such a project. Lamby Toes in the Botanical Baddie colorway (fun fact this was a custom request that turned into a repeatable colorway, which makes me happy…my wallet less so, although I managed to avoid the last few skeins.) I also added in some generic black sock yarn as a small stripe every x number of rows. This helps to break up the lamby (not that it’s needed) and extend it by an ever so little amount (totally needed.)

The shawl itself is EyeBlink by Heidi Alander and it is a wonderful garter stitch crescent shaped shawl with some lace on the edging. Because of the way Heidi made her pattern you can theoretically size this bad boy up as long as you keep your stitch numbers divisable by 6 (which is theoretically easy to do thanks to her increases.)

I have already exceeded the minimum number of stitches and the plan is to go until I run out of Lamby yarn and knit the lace border with the contrasting black yarn. I do have another skein of Lamby in my stash, but I am holding out for now I would love a pair of socks and a hat from this colorway (and frankly the skein is just as pretty to pet and look at.)

Should I finish (or grow bored, ha!) of the shawl knitting, I do have two more pairs of socks currently in progress.

The first is for the Giant, with just a cuff done I have quite a few hours left before this is anywhere close to being done.

These will be a basic vanilla pair for him. The yarn is Lang Yarns, Jawoll Aktion.

The other sock is knit out of some handspun made from a Moonrover Feburary 2015 club colorway.

These are the first handspun socks for me and I am actually pretty fond of them. When spinning I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep that bright orange and/or the pink you can kind of see in the cuff. In the end I tweaked the order and kept the colors.

Should I manage to somehow finish all of these projects, I have yarn for another pair of socks. They were chosen specifically because we will be crossing into two different time zones.


Of course it had to be KP Felici in the Time Traveler colorway.

The last project will for sure last me until I am once again reunited with my stash (and then some.)

These two skeins represent a lace weight cardigan I plan on knitting up. The gray will be the main body (three more skeins of this) and the blown out blue (which is more of heathery blue) will be the contrasting stripes. No pattern as of yet but I am think raglan with an open front.

So there you have it the projects I am hoping last me from now until the next time I see my stash. Fingers crossed they last.

Have you ever had to plan for a big trip and decide on knitting? What are your criteria when you are picking travel projects?


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  1. I only wish i was that organized… You have very nice work.. Love all your colors. I want in the future to learn to do the kind of projects you have.. I am only able to do just riws and riws of K & P..

  2. He’s such an adorable yarn thief, though!

    I love how BB is looking in that shawl! How pretty. 🙂

    I try to pack light for trips; I’m unable to knit in the car thanks to my motion sickness, and I often have little time. So I pack a couple of projects and leave it at that. One is always a sock.

  3. Ia lways bring too many things, but I think you did well with all those socks – they will be great in the car, and stopping along the way Should you finish them all before your things arrive, the lace sweater will keep you occupied once you get there. Good job!

  4. Good luck with the move & the traveling! I just went on an overnight trip to take my oldest son to college for the first time. I opted not to take a baby blanket I was trying to finish in 6 days because I would’ve finished it an hour into the 3 hour drive there. I took (and finished!) a swatch for a Bohus cardigan, and I took another cardigan, Old Town by Carol Sunday; plenty to keep my busy for the 6 hour round trip but not so bulky they’d take up a lot of room in the car.

    • Being so close to the end of a project is always a tough decision to make. On the one hand finished object, yay! But you probably end up packing something else and so you are wrangling a larger FO and a WIP. Congrats on the swatch, a Bohus cardigan is on my someday knitting list right now. Hope the baby blanket was finished in time!

  5. shellssells permalink

    I think you’ve done pretty well in your choosing, small stitches on small needles take longer, and you’ve got a lot of small work there. Plus, those socks can easily be tucked away once finished, they are the opposite of bulky. and you’ve got enough variety to keep you from being bored as well! I think you’ve got it down.

    I ALWAYS overpack when it comes to knitting. I think this is because I once used to do it so obsessively that I would actually knock out a number of projects on one trip. But, despite me being more likely to put my knitting down these days, I still have the fear of being without a project. For instance, we are leaving on a 24 hour trip shortly, and while I logically know that the less than half done scarf I am knitting for Miss Marja cannot possibly be completed in 24 hours, especially because we’ll be sleeping for some of that, and have an activity all day tomorrow, I still think I need to pack that scarf and just one more project. JUST IN CASE!

    I guess my theory is always be sure to overpack in the knitting department.

    • I think I definitely over packed with that lace cardigan, but I think the biggest problem I will have is not having access to my wheels and fiber. I need to request another spindle for my birthday next month. It may not take the edge off now, but it would still allow me to prevent instances like this in the future. Best of luck on the trip and the scarf knitting.

  6. Take care in the move, I try to have 1 or 2 small projects for travel, once too big they stay home. I usually take scarfs

    • Thanks Cricket, I thought about starting a scarf, but with the shawl on the needles I decided to hold off. Hope you are doing well.

      • I’m good, writing is kicking into high gear, my first novel out in November and knitting and crocheting like a mad woman

  7. I must be the luckiest knitter/cat momma. My boy is not interested in yarn! He looks just like your little helper 🙂

    • Aside from a BFL fiber loving cat (I can’t blame him for that.) The cats seem to leave most things alone. I don’t know if it was a playful- “pay attention to me thing” or more of a “delicious wool must nom” kind of situation. It’ll mean a few more ends to weave in, and making sure I keep a closer eye next time.

  8. I had a very similar challenge when we moved from Chicago to Denver about 5 years ago. I didn’t pack enough WIPs when our stuff went into storage (we were in temp housing for a month). Knitters are the best, though. My friends just kept giving me skeins of sock yarn so I could keep knitting until we got settled.

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