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August 22, 2016

One of the reasons the Giant and I decided on moving out to the PNW was the climate. For the most part it is rainy, cloudy and cool. When you ask people to describe Seattle, they will probably mention the rain. One thing few people mention (or think about) is that due to that cool, wet, cloudy climate few places (aside from larger businesses) have central air. When the Giant and I arrived last week and were greeted with temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s, we both felt a little disappointed. Coming from the Midwest where temperatures tend to be mid to upper 90’s from late June to early/mid September, the heat wave was a serious flaw in our plan. Thankfully it only lasted until Sunday and the heat finally snapped and we are back to that oh so sought after PNW weather. Side note here, as who has lived in the aforementioned Midwest I was more than a little thrown when there was no heat index, 94 felt like 94. My mind was even more boggled when I noticed that in the city it was 94 degrees but felt like 89.

The last week and weekend were spent trying avoid the heat, combined with exploring the area a bit. So far no yarn shops have been visited, which is good because I have more than enough yarn on its way, along with almost everything else. Yeah, so about that whole moving and having your stuff follow, let me just sum it up by saying I never truly appreciated what it was like to have something to sit on (other than a pillow and the floor.)

With the cooler weather I have finally been able to pick up my knitting again, which means the eyeblink shawl is cruising along. The shawl body is done and now I am working on the black lace edging (yeah that slight thud you heard was my head on a metaphorical desk.) The process has improved now that I finally secured a lamp. The lamp in question actually belongs to the Giant, and had been packed away (by him) in his little box of chargers and power cords. Since Wednesday I have been doing without a lamp, relying only on the small light that shines from the closet area in our bedroom and a large emergency flashlight that I packed along, because of course I did.

The Giant has been going to sleep far earlier than I and as a result had not seen my makeshift lighting situation. I, in my infite wisdom had simply tried to make do, until last night when I was muttering to myself about a lack of light and finally voiced my desire for a lamp. Thirty seconds later I was good to go with a very bright and very helpful lamp. Moral of this story? Take five seconds to communicate your needs with your partner, because the whole four nights without a lamp are on me. (Where’s that desk?)

How’s the start of your week going so far?


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  1. shellssells permalink

    Wait what? Feels like temps are LOWER than actual temps in the summer? Mind. Blown.

    I am really glad it cooled down a bit again, and, I guess if you are going to have a heat wave, might as well have it when you are still used to midwest weather.

  2. It sounds like you are adapting well – although getting used to the whole have your stuff follow you ever so slowly is a drag. But knitting a black shawl with no lamp? That is a cruel thing to do to yourself. 🙂

    Great fortitude on no yarn stores… I hope you have at least located them!

  3. The climate in the PNW is very tempting to me…as well as the scenery. I know it does get hot there, but it can be measured in days rather than weeks or months. Enjoy the nicer weather. 🙂

    My week has had a decent start: the kids are back and I’m trying to get some dyeing done to update Lamby and restock. A decent amount of crafting too.

  4. Brittany permalink

    Welcome to the PNW! If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the weather up here in the 10ish years that I’ve lived here, it’s that no two years are the same. The weather is wacky, but it is a glorious place to live ☺️

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