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Slightly less fresh from the needles

August 23, 2016

So here we are Tuesday and almost one full week of being out in the PNW. It’s sunny again, which is okay I guess, as long as the temperature stays cooler I won’t complain. It’s weird but some of the leaves have already started to turn which makes me happy. My very first visit to the area was last year in October and Autumn was in full swing, which may or may not have colored my perspective on the place.

On another note I did manage to finish one of the projects I brought along to tide me over until the stash arrives. These were actually completed while we were still on the road, they managed to be knit in 5 out of the 7 states we passed through on our way out here which is pretty good in my book.

These mark my second pair for SewKnitPicky’s Sock It To Summer Year 4 KAL. (It goes until the end of the month….check out her Ravelry group (Knot a podcast) for details.) Which is great and sad at the same time. I had sincerely hoped to have gotten more pairs done, but I guess since I lost about a month and a half in there to the whole, ‘pack up your entire life and head West’ thing it’s not too bad.

If you follow me on instagram you may have heard the saga of these socks, if not let me recap for you. For the most part the cats leave my yarn alone, unless it is actively touching them (because they must be right next to you) fiber is a different story, and handspun in a toss up. However for some reason one of our tabby’s decided that this yarn must not only be stolen but also chomped on and therefore broken. (Side note, he did not actually eat the yarn instead he stole the ball/cake, played with it by flinging it around and creating a giant stringy mess, and chewing it. Which resulted in a lot of rewinding and dealing with severed bits (aka weaving a lot of extra ends.)

image_medium2 (8)

Don’t let the cute face fool you, he was out for blood.

The socks eventually ended up getting finished and I was able to retain enough for the sock blanket.


Of course when it came to photos, that very same tabby had to sneak into a few shots.


Sock Specs:

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici
Colorway: Foxglove
Pattern: Modified Rose City Rollers (Fish Lips Kiss Heel)
Needles: US 0 or 2.0 mm

I’m going to take the win and just roll with it.




  1. cute socks, but stinking adorable cat! I just love that face. And I would hide my yarn if he lived at my house. 🙂

    • He never messes with yarn (fiber he’s a downright thief) minus this, which is the oddest part. He doesn’t bother the other Felici, just this skein. Also he likes to put on the charm.

      • Maybe this is his way of saying he hasn’t adjusted to the move yet? Or maybe that ball was stored near catnip somewhere along the line. 🙂

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