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Fresh From the Needles Friday: Handspun Edition

August 26, 2016

Say wha? Two finished objects in a week, it’s almost like I have nothing else to do but work on knitting….(wait.) In all seriousness I guess I needed a goal or something to focus on, besides the fact that I still do not have any of my stuff. My top list of things I miss the most has wavered slighty, it was keurig, bed, couch. Now I am tossing the wheels in there, just below my coffee maker, why? I managed to score a braid of Moonrover destash and it’s currently heading to me. It’s times like this that make me realize I need to pick up a spindle (or four) again.

Speaking of Moonrover, that’s actually where the finished object stems from. I am sporadically a part of the moonrover fiber club, (it’s at three month intervals and finances have been topsy-turvy in the last few years…boo health related issues)  which I recommend to anyone who loves fiber done right. Seriously she’s pretty much the only dyer I am consistently stalking watching for updates/destashes. Check her out…or wait maybe not because then that means more competition for me…no seriously check her out.

This is the first braid of hers that I spun (way back in October of last year.) I was shooting for a self striping sock weight yarn, and I think I managed pretty well. However through my own stubbornness I decided it was very important for me to attempt to spin it the way I wanted (which was pretty much how the braid was set up…I have no real explanation on this other than I considered omitting the pink section, but ended up putting it back in.)

Sewknitpicky mentioned on her last podcast the “issue” that can develop when you chain-ply a yarn (your inconsistencies show up, thin is thin, thicker is thicker.) Which makes sense to me, but was reaffirmed with this pair. Because I was silly and didn’t just rip the strips down the line, but instead did the oh-so-scientific method of dividing into sections and eyeballing it, I ended up with longer sections of colors at different parts of the yarn. Just what the heck am I talking about?


The striping on the left sock is fairly consistent and ultimately what I was hoping for, the right is what happens when I “eyeball it.” The foot of the right sock starts to pick back up with the shorter striping sequence, but it still has far larger sections than the left.


The sock on the right only managed to get one stripe of the blue, which is a bummer because that is by far my favorite part. I do love all of it though, even the pink which kind of surprises me.


As soon as I sat down to take a photo he came racing over (from a dead sleep) to try to get in the shot. I had to move around three times just to get photos without his little kitty feet (or face.)


I have come to realize just how much I take my sock blockers for granted, they make photographing so much easier (and you don’t have to be blinded by my incredibly pale legs.) I have also come to realize that I have no way of actually measuring my remaining yardage. This is a bummer because I have a lot left over and we all know my “eyeballing” skills aren’t to be trusted. I am thinking it’s going to be more than a enough for a hat, but I’ll probably have to wait because like everything else, most of my knitting needles are on their way to me.


I have to say I really didn’t expect to knock these out as quickly as I did. They were a back burner project, but with the end of Sock it to Summer approaching I guess my desire for something to focus on was enough of a kick in the pants. This of course means I have the shawl (which is already at the edging), a pair of socks for the Giant (which I don’t believe I can finished before the end of the month….but now that I say that…) and the, previously only intended as drastic measures back up, lace cardigan (although I ended up bring the wrong needles with me for it, so I either need to go out and buy a pair (darn) or try to hold out until everything shows up.

Specs on the socks:
Yarn: Handspun-from Moonrover fiber club Feb 2015
Needles: US 1, 2.25mm
Pattern: My own basic sock with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel

So for my first pair of handspun socks for me I am pretty excited, of course today we are back up in the 90’s so they will have to languish a bit longer before getting any use.

Happy Friday everyone. Anyone have any fun plans?

  1. These are beautiful! And you made handspun yarn for them, whoa. I can’t wait to try my first pair of socks! (Scared)

  2. I think those are beautiful! Lacey has the best colorways; she always throws in that one color that makes you question it, but it’s amazing in the end. Handspun socks are the best socks. ♥

  3. Love the socks, even more because of the crazy stripes. But you knit them from handspun? I am impressed!

    I hope your stuff arrives soon so you can settle into spinning and knitting lace!

  4. shellssells permalink

    Part of the beauty of knitting with handspun, for me, is the knowledge that I am going to have to let go of anything that’s perfect or even or predictable. I’d expect that other spinners may feel differently, but handspun is a constant quest of letting go.

    (We are headed to Pedaler’s Jamboree Iowa, where I can ride bikes, watch bands, and camp, all in the lovely lovely rain. And yes, that’s a little sarcasm you are reading. BUT…thanks for the weather…I think?)

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