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Cold Sheeping pause

August 29, 2016

Or more aptly title how I broke my yarn diet and became a bit of a wool pig.

The past weekend here in the PNW had a little bit of everything I think. The Giant and I started out by visiting two local (ish) yarn shops on the hunt for some yarn. Now some of you may be thinking, “But Introverted Knitter you have been cold sheeping since (May) the beginning of the year, why break the habit now?” Well my dear reader I would like to say that it is because of the request by one of the tiny humans in my life, (they did) I want to tell you all about how she asked me so very nicely for a sweater out of pink and purple yarn (she did.) It would be great to say that this was the catalyst for jumping off the cold sheep wagon, for it is a noble and far less selfish reason. Alas I am unable to truthfully say this was the reason for the plunge.

It all started thanks to instagram and a lovely dyer named Moonrover. (Remember her? From last week, the handspun socks? Yeah that dyer) I just happen to catch a post from Moonrover that stated she was looking to destash fibers. I am going to chalk it up to the fact that 1) her fibers are amazing, 2) I’m really anxious to get back to spinning, 3) fiber’s are absolutely awesome, 4) I’ve gone 4 months with no purchases (although I did get lovely unsolicited stash gifts, however they two are on a truck that is on it’s way to me), 5)Did I mention how wonderful her fiber is?

I ended up hopping over to Ravelry and taking a quick peek at the fiber and fell in love with the selection. I ended up snagging a braid. Lacey is amazingly quick with her shipping and Saturday morning my little mailbox was full of fiber fluffy goodness.


I can’t decide which part I love the most, but it is a superwash 80/20 wool nylon blend so it may become another pair of socks. It may just become a pet that I love and cherish and name George. (Probably socks to be honest)

After that first purchase I ended up deciding it would make the most sense to go buy the yarn for the sweater (since I was already off the sheep) and I needed to pick up a new needle for the lace part of the shawl I am knitting (fun fact from me to you: if you purchase a cheap set of needles off of Amazon, realize there is a reason they are cheap. Aka the joins are not smooth, despite my attempts to fix them, and will snag your yarn.)

The Giant being a good sport was willing to head out on an adventure as we stopped at a close(r) to us yarn shop, Serial Knitters Yarn Shop. The shop is lovely and arranged fairly well, however despite their wonderful selection of some pretty big name yarns I ended up only picking up needles there. (The yarn for the sweater was not among their selections.) The staff was great and I definitely expect to frequent them in the future.

Our next stop on the search for the yarn led us a bit out of the way to a not-quite-as-local-yarn-shop known as All Wound Up. This store was deceptively large, (it sits in a rather small looking strip of stores) and it too had a large selection of big name yarn producers, including the sweater yarn. We ended up deciding on colors that theoretically will not make me want to stab my eyeballs out, which is always for the best. IMG_3949

This is the closest iteration of pink and purple that the Giant and I could settle on. Berroco Vintage Worsted. As we took in the rest of the store, I was drawn to the sock yarns and the Giant eventually made his way there as well. I pointed out the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock yarn (a first for me to see it in the wild) and suddenly the Giant indicated he especially liked a particular skein. After a bit of a waffle I ended up grabbing the skein with the plan to knit him socks. As we waited to make our purchases 1/2 of the lovely owners informed us that the colorway in question was actually specially dyed for the store in honor of their anniversary.


Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in the “All Wound Up” colorway. (You may be noticing a pattern when it comes to the colors chosen lately…I am a sucker for blues and purples)  The shop is a lovely place and despite being further away I plan on going again.

The yarny adventures ended with a quick stop to JoAnn’s as I needed more black yarn to finish up the lacey portion of the shawl. I ended up grabbing two of the skeins just for insurance, as I figure I can use it for cuffs, heels and toes with whatever’s left.

As we drove the Giant and I got lost and ended up near downtown Seattle.

Oops, luckily it wasn’t too hard to get turned back around (and we avoidedthe toll road, woo)

The weekened was rounded out with the arrival of my bestie back in town. Ironically she had returned home (our previous location) for a visit with her family  around the time we were moving here.An evening walk for the Giant and I meant we got to not only see her and the pup, but also take advantage of the view from near our place.


Sunday was a trip to the dog park (which was sadly void of little dogs) but the Giant and Magpie became fast friends.


The three of us (Magpie stayed home) went to dinner and thanks to the an accidental order I ended up with another awesome shirt.


It says “In Otter News” 

We decided they were co-anchors for the evening.

How’d your weekend go?

  1. shellssells permalink

    Well, your new mailbox DID need to be christened, didn’t it?! STR is a yarn you are going to love love LOVE working with. And if you ever get a chance to work with BMFA fiber, DO THAT TOO. They have amazing product!

  2. I can see why you fell of the sheep- the wool is so pretty! And the yarn ain’t bad either! Lucky giant and tiny human!

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