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First day of Autumn

September 22, 2016

Happy first day of Autumn from the PNW.

It’s been quite a bit longer between posts than I expected. Unpacking is still happening…slowly. The majority of the boxes are out of here, we are still trying to find space for everything. One thing I forgot about when it comes to apartment living is the sheer lack of storage. I believe all of our boxes have at least been opened and viewed, which is great, however somewhere amongst the random remaining stuff is our television remote. I fully anticipate finding it in a box that has been labeled for a completely different area.

In other news, yesterday marked my birthday. I was rejected for a freelance job, but considering how most of my birthdays work out, this was a pretty good day.

Crafting wise things are slow. I still haven’t finished the shawl, it has about 1.5 repeats on the lace border before the ending lace chart. I can’t explain why I am taking so long on finishing it; the pattern is not difficult, I enjoy the way it looks and feels, and I think it will be pretty once it’s done.

The sock blanket has been getting love recently, but I haven’t bothered to take a photo lately. I’ve managed to make it as wide as I want, but now have to work my way up. Instead of the haphazard way of working on it, by which I add squares with no set method, I have had decided to try to work in rows. Of course doubling the width means I have about half the blanket that needs to be caught to the first side. So far it’s working out fairly well. I still have enough “scraps” that it shouldn’t be an issue, although I may have to look into a swap soon as the repeating is getting to be a bit much.

I’ve started the sweater of doom (aka pink and light purple) and am trucking along at a good pace. The body is almost done which is pretty fantastic, I am a little perturbed by the fact that I ended up needing to wind up the second skein(s) simply because I ran out of some during the ribbing along the bottom. Minor annoyance, but it meant that I didn’t get as far along as I wanted last night.

Spinning is kind of happening, the Russian spindle arrived the other week and I managed to grab some fiber and start with very little second guessing. You know, that feeling that you need to hoard the fiber until you are good enough, like a dragon and its gold. The spindle itself is good, if a little large (37cm/ 14 inches) and when I actually sit down to do the spinning I can get in a decent enough groove. The double treadle has some fiber started on it, but that too has stalled out.

Stalling out seems to be my M.O. lately. I guess my adjustment to out here is still a work in progress.

How have you been? Any new knitting projects for Autumn?

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  1. Happy birthday! Sorry about the job and the TV remote, but it sounds like you have some wooly projects to distract you from such annoyances.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    One time when we moved we couldn’t find the bathroom scale, for two years. It was in a box labeled baby toys/rattle ok. Things do eventually turn up:)

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