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FFN:Belated Celebrations

September 27, 2016

This past weekend was unofficially the weekend of belated celebrations for my birthday last week. Saturday saw The Giant, my best friend and myself heading out on a pretty interesting adventure to South Gig Harbor to attend the third annual Cider Swig festival. The event features roughly 80 different kinds of Cider (according to the website) and is kind of like a combination of a beer garden and wine tasting event. The cider’s are from local(ish) companies and featured a variety of different types and flavors. It was a fun, if slightly poorly coordinated event. Aside from a sunburn (despite sunblock), I had fun and the three of us got to try about 14 different ciders and one whiskey variation. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take any photos (bad blogger.)

The weekend celebration continued when the lovely and talented and amazing (did I mention lovely) Ms. Marja (yes that Marja) sent me a birthday gift. I was more than a little floored by her generosity before opening the package. Once opened, I may have developed a bit of Gollum level of attachment to the gifts. Guys, Marja not only sent me a lovely card, she sent me some of her highly coveted handspun (I know you are jealous, I would be too) but she sent me fiber rolags she had created. I will admit to making some excited noises when discovering all of it. I managed to snap this photo right after opening it.


Which is good because the handspun now looks like this.


I was just looking at it on Sunday and by last night I was binding off the hat. It’s slouchy and warm and lovely and I may have made the Giant model it to get a better idea of what it looks like on someone. It’s soft and colorful and all things wonderful about hand spun.

The pattern is a loose adoption of Tin Can Knits, Barley Hat. I took the general idea but didn’t switch needles (there wasn’t time.) Also I opted to do the panel in reverse stockinette (purled every row.) I ended up making it quite a bit longer than the pattern as well, but (and here’s the amazing part) I still have some of the yarn left over. I do not think it will be enough to make much of anything although I am eyeing it for potential pompom use for later.

The fiber has been tucked away for safe keeping from the cats, but I don’t anticipate it hanging in the stash for too long.

How’s your crafting going?

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! 😀

  2. sounds like a fun birthday celebration! love the fiber and the new hat – and that you have enough left for a little something!


    You and Shells are killing me.

  3. Marja permalink

    You are TOO kind! I’m glad you enjoyed the gift and the hat is amazing! That stash was burning a hole in your pocket!

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