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October 24, 2016

I am most definitely a planner. I like to have an idea of what is going to happen, how it is going to happen and when it is going to happen. As someone who deals with anxiety, it just helps to have that bit of control. However this often means that I can easily talk myself out of trying new things. This past weekend The Giant, who is as easy-going as a person can be, and I decided to try our hand at an adventure.

What started as a stop at a semi-local/somewhat big box type craft store morphed into a day trip that ended up with us a trying a new food joint (it was okay, nothing too exciting), visiting The Sound and getting to see a variety of different flora and fauna.

The day trip involved driving up to Everett, WA and one thing I can say for sure is that the PNW knows how to do Autumn. The drive was a gorgeous mix of colors and cool weather. There were a few moments of brief panic (on my end) when the Giant put me in charge of not only deciding lunch (I tend to be less adventurous when it comes to food) but also what we should see while out an about. I hadn’t had time to really plan anything (cue panic) and instead decided to be brave and just wing it.

During lunch I used my phone’s map to look at the surrounding area, The Giant noticed the large amount of blue (water) on the map and asked if we were near one of the numerous large lakes. When I clarified that it was in fact Puget Sound, he seemed excited. Which meant after lunch we headed to the first of two stops, Harborview Park.

The weather was perfect for a little peak around the area, which had some pretty astounding views. There were even seagull (a somewhat regular sight back in Chicago)

The park was basically green space that ended pretty abruptly with some train tracks before the beach/water. While the views were gorgeous I really wanted to find a beach where we could walk around more.

So another quick look at the map and we ended up going to Edgewater Beach. This was definitely more in line with what I had in mind.


The land mass you see on the horizon is Hat Island. I have recently become a bit obsessed with the place, due in part to the fact that there are only about 41 full-time residents on the island. Although the number swells to about 600 during the summer season.


Edgewater beach is part of a restoration project in conjunction with the Port of Everett and has provided around 1,100 linear feet of beach that is accessible during all tide times.  It seemed to be a pretty good fishing spot for locals, we even saw a few clam diggers as well.

For this raised in the Midwest lady it was astounding to see how many shells were on the beach.

The purple ones were by far my favorite, but I was fascinated with the barnacle laden shells.

Unfortunately the closest we came to seeing a crab was the remanet of the outer shell (RIP Mr. Crab.) The water was clear and cold, and apparently I react like a cat when the waves come up on shore.

I even got to see a (dead) jelly fish. (Which as a side note, Jelly fish in general freak me out. This is for a number of reasons, but the big ones are: no brains, practically immortal, and composed mainly of water; so much in fact that they can evaporate if stuck on a beach.)


It was so calming to be out there, a nice change from the hustle and sheer amount of people otherwise. I am very glad I was able to try out this spontaneous thing, although you won’t be able to convince me to do it all the time, it was definitely worth it.



  1. What a fun day! I’m glad you let yourself be open to it and went with it. 🙂

  2. shellssells permalink

    Last time we headed to New England during the summer, our favorite beach location had water so full of those jelly fish that it was like swimming through jelly. The kids were throwing them at each other and they’d splatter. It didn’t bother me a bit, I enjoyed my time anyhow. Mr. Ink however? Was completely disgusted and stayed out of the water.

    I’ve also been to the beach where the water is so full of the red stinging kind of jelly fish that the water itself is prickly from all the poison from the jelly fish in the area. So, the clear and non harmful kind aren’t so worrisome. To me.

    The photos are gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along via the blog!

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