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FFNF:All Wound Up

November 4, 2016

Today in what’s fresh from the needles I would like to share the socks I finished for the Giant.


Knit out of my first Socks that Rock skein they are an exclusive colorway for one of the local-ish yarn shops. Dyed by Blue Moon Fiber Arts to celebrate the shop’s one year anniversary, they caught the Giant’s eye on our first visit. Being a process knitter far more than a product knitter I was intrigued to try the yarn. Oh man is it every lovely. I can definitely see why people are fans.

Because the Giant is…a giant, I ended up using some basic black yarn for heels and toes to help stretch the yarn. Of course by the end of the second sock I realized I didn’t actually need to worry, there’s more than enough left, which means I finally have a new color to add to the sock blanket.


Trying to take photos around the apartment can be tricky. Toby has developed an affinity for the camera. He is also in love with anything wooly smelling, which means when these get a proper bath there will be a purring ball of fluff to stand watch as they dry.

Funnily enough the color actually goes well with my hair, although I recently dyed it a darker purple, so it’s less that pink and more the deep blue purple you see above. The socks themselves are just the basic formula I use when making the Giant a pair, although I have gotten a bit better about toe caps I am still on the look out for a truly rounded version.

Luckily the Giant seems pleased.


How’s your weekend looking?

One Comment
  1. working on multiple projects to try and finish some stuff to get some orders started

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