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Fresh from the Furnace: Glassblowing

November 10, 2016

I wrote last week about our recent adventure into the exciting new world of glassblowing. This past Saturday, the Indoor Cat and I took a trip down to retrieve the finished pieces. Aside from the onslaught of rain the entire day, the journey was easy. Indoor Cat was smart and snapped some photos of all the finish pieces before they were packaged up. (Photo credits belong to her.)

As part of the class the four of us got decide if we wanted to make two smaller items or one larger item. Indoor Cat opted for the larger item, the bowl I discussed last time. As part of the process we got to choose colors for our pieces, and she decided to go with an autumnal pallette.


Indoor Cat’s sister ended up making a paperweight and an ornament. The paperweight option included choosing a rounded top or a cube shape. She opted for the rounded top.

The ornament (on the left) actually looked brown before the glass melted (which may have caused a slight moment of doubt on her part.) Luckily the Freddy Kreuger inspired piece turned out the way she wanted. This was made from the actually blowing the glass, thereby creating a giant bubble

The paperweight has a smoky looking interior along with the bubbles. Fun fact the paperweights actually require a larger amount of energy than the other pieces.

The Giant’s chose two smaller items as well, a paperweight (cubed shape) and a suck bowl. (Aptly named because instead of blowing out you suck the air in.)

His bowl grew a bit too thing at the base and thus there is a small hole in the bottom. However he still very much enjoys it.

The paperweight was a bit uneven in terms of shape, but thanks to the handy work of one of the glassblowing experts the piece was able to be chipped (to remove the uneven bottom) and then “sanded” which involves a giant diamond grit wheel. Fun fact, the grinding on the glass is so fine that it will tilt slightly on even the most miniscule of uneven surfaces.

To round out the projects, my pieces involved an ornament and a suck bowl. They are essentially the inverse of each other and I couldn’t help but decide on them. Unfortunately at the time of our glass there wasn’t any purple and so I opted for a yellow and green for my ornament. When beginning I asked if it would be possible to do a swirl pattern, I was told the technique was pretty difficult to do, but that the awesome team would try to make it work. I think if I would have had more contrasting colors it would have been easier to see.

My bowl is actually made the same way as the Giant’s above (different colors) but thanks to my serious lack of lung capacity it ended up being signifcantly smaller and thicker. However mine doesn’t have a hole in the bottom.

The over all experience with the team was great. The finished objects make it that much sweeter.


  1. shellssells permalink

    GO AGAIN! I love all of these so much! To me, it looks like you made a support spindle bowl. 🙂

    Ok ok. If I get out there to visit, we are doing this.

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