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One more day, one more month

November 30, 2016

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am looking forward to seeing the back end of 2016.

To that end I have a countdown of crafty things to finish before the end of the year. I thought it would be fun to look back and see what’s still on the needles, wheels,and spindles. To see just what is coming up before the holidays are over, and what I am hoping to finish, frog, or keep working on for the New Year rolls in.

So first things first: Still on the Needles

-Sock yarn blanket- this is coming up on year two of knitty goodness, I have no real belief this will be finished any time soon, in part due to my lack of new yarns (I know I know I should joing a swap, but I have no good excuse here.)

-Botanical Baddie Shawl-

This was cast on back at the start of the crazy pack and move halfway across the country. I have made it to the black lace border, but stalled for some reason on the pattern’s lace (knitter error most likely.) I’ve frogged the lace border back and now have a mesh lace border I am slowly making my through (read not seeing much action over all.)

-Monster for our Lady Marja-

No photo of this one, because the little guy is buried at the moment. As far as I can remember he needed legs and arms and then he would be ready to send her way. As she was able to help me out during a rough patch I really do want to get this done before the end of the year and sent out. Time to go digging I guess.

-Big Blue Socks for Giant-


There is a bit more progress than this photo shows, but I think I am only at the beginning of the heel for the first sock. I think these simply got shoved aside for something else and then I forgot about them. Oops. Time to pick them back up.

-Crazy Zocks for Ze Giant-

No photo for this one, I am using a plain black for cuff, heels, and toes. The main color is my first Crazy Zauberball yarn. Just as the pair above these are still on the leg, but they are the more recent cast on when it comes to socks.

-Sweater for W-

Alas no photo for this either. I am making a modified baby sophisticate for the littlest man in the family. I have made it past the shoulders and am on the body, but still have a good 5 inches before thinking of the sleeves and collar.

-Blanket for Chicken Wing-

This is a somewhat secret project, so photos might be scarce (let’s pretend that’s the reason for the others lacking photos as well, ok?) I am using a modified version of the Mason Dixion Log Cabin blanket. My color scheme is rainbow in soft jewel tones with a stain-glassed look. More on that later.


On to Fiber in the Mix


I have one wheel occupied with the absolutely gorgeous braid of Moonrover fiber I snagged in a destash earlier this fall. Progress has been slow. I am hoping to get the singles finished before Christmas, and plying that week…but we’ll see.

-BusyBee Fiber-

This involves two spindles at the moment. I had purchased a Russian spindle to try supported spindling again…I need to practice more. I am also working on this fiber with my new akerworks spindle, this is going much faster and smoother as long as I can keep the cats from thinking it is a cat toy.

-Our Lady Marja’s Batts-

This is on my tiny akerworks spindle I purchased. Due it’s size, the generosity of Ms. Marja, and wanting to savor each time I work on it, this is a slow project. I’m okay with that.


Almost Finished

-This is a sweater for J. I have finished the thing (finally) and woven in all five million ends, it just needs a bath and to be blocked before photos can happen. Which should be any day now…

Upcoming Projects

-I have a pair of socks for the Giant’s mom for the holidays coming up. He picked out the yarn and it is going to be on it’s way to me soon (along with some other goodies for me as well.)

-Fingerless mitts for the giant—He’s a giant, but gets chilly easily. After my failed attempt with bulky handspun I am going to opt for something easier to work with. Just have to find the right yarn in stash.


So there you have it. The list I hope to complete with the last month of a year I won’t be sorry to see end.

How about you? Any crafting on the horizion for you?


  1. I have way too much going on. 2 players on the footy team we support got married and so did the CEO, it’s blankets for all

  2. Marja permalink

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the fiber I sent! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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