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Ira McKnitty-Pants and the Quest for More Sweaters

December 13, 2016

Hello I’m Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting to you on location at the home of the Introverted Knitter. It appears with Christmas right around the corner IK’s knitting has slowed enough that comparison’s to a sloth seem fast. However before the halt in knitting, this reporter was able to secure confirmation that two more sweaters made it off the needles. I am being told that the sweaters have not yet been sent out to their recipents, however this reporter believes this should happen any day now.

Despite the delays in shipping, I am also being told that the photos we’ve been able to get are shoddy at best. According to my sources I am being told the light has not been great, so we apologize in advance. It is of this reporter’s opinion that photo’s could have been secured much sooner, but when I brought this up to IK I was promptly informed that I could partake of one of her knitting needles and place it in an unmentionable location. It appears the lack of sleep overall may be getting to our knitter, or perhaps the simple fact of, and I am quoting here, “I don’t know when to buzz off” may have played a factor in her comments.

Nevertheless, here are the two sweaters in question.


Sweater one is a modified baby sophisticate. I am told it was knit on Berroco Vintage DK and that the buttons were sewn on thanks to the Giant  (when pressed for more details, IK muttered something about stupid shaky hands, followed by some words this reporter is to dignified to repeat.)


Our second sweater is a modified Flax sweater, omitting the garter panels across the sleeves, much like the pink and purple version for the older sister. This is also knit out of Berocco vintage, however this version is the worsted weight.

With not a lot more details to go on I have been informed that IK has not been feeling the greatest lately and as such knitting and all other fiber arts have been limited in their progress. I think I speak for everyone in saying I hope this soon changes and our dear IK can get back to her knitting self.


I’m Ira McKnitty-Pants coming to you from the home of the Introverted Knitter, wishing you all a relaxing and safe holiday season.

  1. Take care Ira

  2. shellssells permalink

    Hi Ira,

    Please pass on our well wishes to IK, during her time of feeling under the weather, and share with her that Shells thinks the first sweater is particularly fantastic, despite the low lighting, which is basically a problem everywhere at the moment.

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