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A Few New Tricks

January 25, 2017

I’ve been knitting for almost seven years now and in that time I have learned a variety of techniques, tried a variety of fibers and knit a variety of items. Somehow in that entire time I never tried knitting two at a time socks, nor have I tried magic looping. Well I suppose I should back up and say I hadn’t tried those two things, until now.

What started as a whim to see just how it worked I cast on a pair of socks for myself (I know shocking that does happen from time to time) and after getting through the cuffs individually, I slid that second sock on and was off to the races.


Well it’s more like I am plodding along like a well-traveled farm horse, but you get the idea. This pair was put on hold while the bestie and I went to see the movie Split (James McAvoy was fantastic as the lead.) I am not one for scary movies (and luckily this one wasn’t really) and there are some serious issues with the portrayal of mental illness, but it was still an interesting movie.


I knit on these socks for a good little while before heading out on a quick trip to one of the local yarn stores. The store was busy, and lots of pink yarn was still flying off the shelves, which made me smile.

The Giant in his gracious and wonderful ways came with me (he drives, I knit is a win win) and in the store he spotted what is pretty darn close to the perfect bag for me. (It’s missing hedgehogs)


I don’t actually have a lot of knitting bags, correction I don’t have a lot of bags that were made specifically for knitting. I tend to move projects around if I am in need of a bag (which I am going to pretend accounts for all the various WIP’s floating around the apartment.) However this one was too good to pass up.

It also just so happened that I managed to snag two skeins of yarn for the Giant for socks, and since I was out and about, and the other socks were going so well. Another needle came home with us and I made a few attempts to get started on the new pair before our movie. It didn’t work too well, but as a side note The Founder is a really good movie (it does make you feel a little slimy afterwards, but Michael Keaton is great.) Sunday morning found me working my way through another set of sock cuffs. These are again in contrast color because 1)It’s a good way to use stash; 2) I rather enjoy the look of contrasting cuffs, heels and toes; 3) the Giant has big feet; 4) This usually leaves me enough leftover to add to the sock blanket.


The yarn is Knitted Wit, Victory sock in the Velvet Elvis colorway.

Other than TAAT and magic loop these socks are knit the same as all the other socks for the giant (notes on my Ravelry page.)

One thing I have to keep reminding myself (as I knit and knit and knit with what feels like very little to actually show for the effort) that I am essentially knitting twice the amount (aka both socks at once,) so while I may have only gotten 30 rows of the leg, technically I’ve knit 60 rows…it may seem obvious, but did I mention the Giant has big feet?

Luckily there has only been one mistake with the yarn management and all that was required was to TINK back half a row of knitting. Not bad for a beginner, right?


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  1. I recently made my husband socks (TAAT) with that same striped yarn. He loves them. I like TAAT as I find it easier to make the socks identical twins 😉

  2. at some point I will give a pair of socks on needles but not right now.

  3. shellssells permalink

    I’ve done TAAT quite often, but I can’t say I LIKE it. I actually prefer it for things like sleeves of a sweater. Not that I knit sweaters these days. And generally, what got to me about it was exactly what you talk about. The fact I cannot wrap my brain around how much longer it takes equates to a pair of socks done all at once.

    I do like, however, learning new things. And to that end, it looks like you are keeping yourself occupied!

  4. both pairs look great – do you LIKE magic loop and TAAT? I have tried it but prefer my tiny needle for speed. But for making them exactly the same, TAAT works wonders.

  5. It sounds like you’re doing just fine!

    As for Split…I haven’t seen it yet, but watching the trailer made me think of Sybil. I can’t decide if it looks worth the cost of a theater ticket or not.

    • I would say it’s very Sybil like, but not as much attention is paid to all the alters. The Shyamalan twist wasn’t anything too amazing, but McAvoy does an amazing job. I’d say it’s worth theater, but you wouldn’t lose much by seeing it on the small screen.

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