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Road Trip

May 4, 2017

This past weekend The Giant and I decided to be spontaneous (or as spontaneous, as you can get for us) and packed ourselves into our car and headed out on an adventure. Inspired in part by the show Parks and Rec, as well as the fact that I will be turning 30 in September the two of us decided to be “young and wild.” Having gotten married while still in college. With student loans, between moves, working, school, health issues and everything else we never really take vacations.

So this past weekend we finally did, and man was it amazing!


We headed down from Seattle, through central Washington and on to Eastern Oregon. Along the way we encountered snow most often, which was surprising. (Especially as we got further south.)

Vegas.Lake Meade

Friday found us making our way to Nevada, where we encountered more snow, and tumbleweeds. It was a weird combo. By mid-afternoon we finally arrived in Las Vegas, which was interesting (neither of us had been before.) I convinced the Giant to stop by a Local Yarn Store, Mirage. It was awesome, I got a few different goodies that I will show at a later date. Unfortunately that stop also included a small tragedy, our keys got locked in the car!

Fortunately, the ladies at Mirage were fabulously understanding, and we only had to wait about an hour. Our next stop was the Hoover Dam. Due to the car lock out we ended up being too late for the Dam Tour, but the two of us still had a fabulous time exploring the area on our own.

hoover dam 1

The biggest disappointment we faced, was the fact that there was a sign for possible goats, and neither one of us ever saw any. The Hoover Dam itself is dizzying in size and engineering marvel. Definitely made me appreciate how advanced we are in technology, compared to when it was created, and now.

Hoover Dam 2

Our visit included, being in two places at once, as well as a very brave photo shoot for Horace. The wind was fairly strong and this is the one photo of him were I am not holding on to. You may be able to notice my hand to the side, The Giant and I were both terrified he would be blown away with a gust of wind.

After the Hoover Dam, we made our way back to the Las Vegas strip, where we decided to stay for one night. (I will say here, I am sure Vegas is great for some people, however it was definitely not for me. I enjoyed, seeing a water/light display show, and visiting the “famous” casinos to say see what they looked like, but aside from the people watching, I did not enjoy it.) I am aware there are a lot of other things to do besides the “traditional” strip activities and should we ever return to the area those would be the activities we would definitely focus on.


We ended up staying at the Flamingo, which I can safely say I would not recommend. Long story short we ended up waking up pretty early Saturday morning and heading out towards the official reason for the trip. Next stop…The Grand Canyon.

Our trip was eventful, with a stop at a gas station that was adjacent to a gun range. I was a bit unnerved to hear rapid gunfire as we waited to fill up our tank. They also had some interesting decorative signs and photo-ops. It reminded me a little bit of the movie Paul.

As we drove along we also got to see two truck drivers with senses of humor. We made the assumption based on their loads. Plus the fact I gave them thumbs up and they laughed and responded like wise.


on the way to grand canyon

The landscape is so different than anything I have experienced before, which meant I was content to just watch it go by, which probably helped because our directions were off by about two hours. (I included proof that knitting did happen on the trip, but far less than I had anticipated, hand issues prevented most of it.) Luckily we arrived at a decent time and were greeted with an amazing site when we arrived. Can you spot the Elk? Horace was very happy to be out of the car as well.

He even made a new friend. Blog, I would like to introduce you to our newest blog adventurer: Walter the mountain goat.

As for the Grand Canyon itself. I wish I could find the words to explain just how amazing it was. If you are a Parks and Rec fan, don’t worry the Giant said the bit about the faces (and Presidents.) I however did have the same feeling as April. I wanted to be annoyed, there were crowds of people, a lot of whom were self-centered, not paying attention to anything or anyone around them. They were rude, they were obnoxious, some cut in front of us, some shoved us aside, and some just plan acted like dumbasses. Despite them, despite the fact that it was fairly crowded in our viewing areas and it could be hard to wait for people to move so you could take your own shot. I could not be annoyed. The beauty of the place, the awe-inspiring wonder was too much. It overran the cynical and annoyed parts of my brain. The sheer endlessness of the Grand Canyon, made me feel so very small, but also amazingly peaceful. I could have spent days, or months there an not grown tired. i simply can’t express just how wonderful it really is. Trust me the photos do not do it enough justice.











  1. It looks like you had a great time! it is such a fun idea to do a road trip and stop at different spots that are of interest. The stuffed animals that were with you for the trip are so cute!I love the pictures of the Grand Canyon, it is so gorgeous.

  2. What an amazing trip

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