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Six years

March 21, 2018

I am a little late, but here we are six years into this crazy writing experiment known as the blog.

I know it has been over two months since my last post, and boy have things been busy. The Giant and I moved house-hunted, put an offer on a house, got accepted and moved in that time. (That is where the majority of my time has gone.)

Aside from attempting to unpack all the things (no worries my body is making sure I do this slowly, or else suffer the consequences) there has been some fiber crafting happening.

Let me tell you it feels fantastic to finally get back to my spinning wheel. I was able to finish up two small spins that I had done on spindles last year and it’s refreshing to know that I don’t completely suck at it after such a long break.



Both ended up as chain plied yarns, as I 1) couldn’t remember what I was actually planning on doing with them. 2) Wasn’t 100% sure what they were/are. I had done a grand purge of fiber (and yarn) last year, which meant a lot of the bits and bobs that I had been saving got tossed as well. Regardless, the two of them were great samples to get me back into the swing of spinning on the wheel. Here’s hoping the mojo (and my hips) hold out!


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  1. Welcome back

  2. so good to hear from you, and of course you can still spin! It’s like riding a bike. 🙂

    Congrats on the new house!

  3. shellssells permalink

    Love the green color, very spring like. Also, glad to hear the house went through. I think living in your own space is so important for us introverts.

  4. Happy for you that you are back to crafting – moving house can be crazy and other things have give for a while!

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