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FFN: Birthday Socks

April 24, 2018

I finally finished a pair of socks destined to be a gift. They would have been done earlier, but like with everything else in my life I can’t just have one thing on the go. (Seriously, I have about seven books I am reading, three cross stitch projects, four sewing projects…) I know, from experience, if I just devote myself to a single project I would actually finish stuff faster, yet once again here we are. Ahem.

The socks were knit out of Knitterly Things Vesper self striping sock yarn in the Peace and Love colorway. The heels and toes were a Cascade sock leftover. Knit on 2.25 mm, US 1.


These were a bit of a departure for me in terms of size. I normally only knit socks for myself (tiny feet) or The Giant (giant feet) whereas this person has pretty “normal” sized feet. I have no real way of testing to make sure they fit prior to sending, but I am fairly confident in my Google-fu abilities.

In other news, there is a house being built near me. I have been able to watch an entire house from the grading of the dirt to currently the roof being put on. It’s actually quite interesting (I feel less charmed when they start hammering away before 8 am, but coffee helps.)  I have also discovered that some of my other neighbors have chickens and I can’t tell you who is more excited to see them out in the back yard,(our cats or me.) Unpacking is still happening, although progress is being made. It has been nice not feeling as rushed, although I am a bit sick of looking at moving boxes.

How’s your April been?


  1. love the bright colours. April has been busy, had the flu but all better now

  2. shellssells permalink

    I absolutely love the bright colors on these, so so pretty! I think it’s ok for crafting and everything to have a ton of variety, as long as lack of visible progress doesn’t get you down. I am more inclined to want to NOT be “bored” rather than have the finished object in hand.

    Also, yay for chickens! They are so fun to watch and hear. I admit that when our neighbor had them, I loved hearing them especially in the mornings.

  3. The socks look great, and I am sure they will fit, how could they not?

    The neighborhood sounds dynamic and interesting! We built a modular home about ten years ago, and when we moved in we learned the neighbors had all been in checking it out during construction. Luckily they are nice neighbors! I bet the new house people would love to show you their house when it is all closed in and you can’t see the progress anymore. 😉

  4. Great socks! I’m currently in between projects for everything – knit/crochet, spinning, embroidery. I really wish I had a project to go to right now instead of having to decide what to start next. Usually I have at least 2 projects going at once so I don’t end up without one. Maybe socks will be next! 🙂

    • I like this line of reasoning. Saving myself the anxiety of having to choose something new to work on, yeah that’s it.

      • It’s true! You always have something to fall back on! They’re not monkeys on your back, they’re all Plan A’s in disguise! (I still haven’t chosen a new project, and my weekly knitting group meets at 11:30 tomorrow morning.)

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