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FFN: The Cutest Thing I Have Ever Knit

January 20, 2014

As I may have mentioned (or not) there seems to be a sudden surge in babies due in the mid to late spring. This last week I received my first invite to a baby shower (ever.)  As a knitter my first instinct is to, of course, knit something for the tiniest of humans. I thought about a baby blanket, but having just knit one for another baby I was itching to try something different.

I browsed Ravelry looking at a few different ideas before finally settling on the Baby Sophisticate pattern. I ended up having a pretty good yarn to use with it (Berroco Vintage) and decided that it would be a great idea. I made a point to look through other people’s projects and noticed that it seemed to run a bit small. I ended up tweaking it by adding an additional 12 stitches at the cast on (based on the idea that if it was a little too big it would still fit someday.) The body was easy just some raglan increases and a division for the shoulders, nothing I hadn’t seen before. I managed to knit one whole sleeve before I really started to consider the possibility that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish the thing. (Oops) 20140118_152606

Luckily I had some of the same yarn in a heathered brown and managed to add some stripes to the sleeves and finish the cuffs in the contrasting color. I ended up having to use the yarn I saved from that to re-knit the bottom edge of the main body, it was curling too much for my liking. I ended up having a little less than 1.5 yards of the purple left when it was all said and done.


The button band/shawl collar provided a few new things for me. Notably the process of wrap and turn, which ended up being a lot easier than I expected. I also followed the directions and ended up using EZ’s sewn bind-off (which made me think of the Kitchener stitch, which was also a lot easier than I expected. )


A quick little bath and all that was left was some buttons. Luckily I had the forethought to buy some that went well with the purple (and actually worked well with the brown too.)

The end result is in my opinion the cutest thing I have ever knit (so far)


  1. Marja permalink

    That is just the cutest! Well done.

  2. Really love the colors you’ve chosen and I like the way you’ve integrated them. Cute as can be 🙂

  3. Cute cardigan. Love the slight flare at the bottom and cuffs that won’t be tight around the baby’s wrists.

  4. Love it, I have knit that for some babies its a wonderful pattern! The color combo is really cool.

  5. That is adorable!

  6. Missy's Crafty Mess permalink

    Oh my goodness that is super cute. I love the stripes and color combination.

  7. shellssells permalink

    The running out of yarn was serendipitous, because HOLY COW that’s the most beautiful one I’ve seen! You totally nailed this knit!

  8. MidKnit Owl permalink

    So cute! The colours are lovely and the buttons finish it off so beautifully!

  9. I love this!! it’s sooooo cute!

  10. That is certainly a very cute cardigan 🙂 I am totally loving those stripes on the sleeves.

  11. LOVE the color combos and the mods!!

  12. Oh my, that sweater is darling and I love the colors you chose. I don’t have a lot of babies popping up right now but may need to add this to my favorites in case someone comes along.

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