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FFN: July socks and a catch up pair

I am unofficially caught back up on my 12 pairs of socks in 2015. Thanks in part to the fact that I finally finished a miscellaneous pair for the giant. These were cast on back at the beginning of the year, but since I didn’t make my June pair of socks I kicked it into high(er) gear to work on these.


These are from Regia sock yarn and are my basic Giant pattern, although I do think I knit the cuffs slightly longer as well as the heel flap. This pair is too big for my blockers, but the Giant was MIA when these were getting photographed so just imagine they aren’t as frumpy looking okay? This pair will probably hang out in my holiday box for now, although I can’t say if the Giant will actually get them for a Christmas present or just when the weather turns cooler.

In slightly related news my July socks are also off the needle. I actually finished these last Saturday, but we went out-of-town and I had stuck them in a bag and forgot to post the photo. Speaking of photos, you may notice that there is some oddity with the pair shown below, for some reason the sock on the right decided to swirl/stack and the sock on the left pooled. As far as I know both pairs were knit at the same gauge and on the same needles, and I can safely say the yarn came from the same skein. I can’t say I mind the difference, I just found it a little perplexing.

IMG_1598The socks themselves are a bit shorter than my usual vanilla pattern, but this wasn’t for any particular reason. They were also knit on US size 0 (2.0 mm)needles instead of my traditional US size 1 (2.25 mm) and lastly I tried the fish-lips-kiss-heel for the first time (well second but that first time didn’t really count in my opinion.) The heel seems to fit pretty well but I still ended up with a hole/gap at the side, anyone happen to know a fix for that?

As for other knitting it’s been pretty mundane, I don’t have any new projects on the needles and the blankets haven’t had enough progress to warrant a photo. I do plan on waiting until Saturday to pull my August socks but since I don’t have much else on the needles it might be time to browse my queue on Ravelry and see what I might be able to come with.

Anyone have any ideas for a need to knit pattern?



A fond farewell….

Last Friday marked my last day of work at my old job. It was a full day and one where many goodbyes were shared. As is the tradition with that particular work place we had a food day (this is the usual M.O. for any type of celebration) the co-workers in my department were gracious and we all enjoyed a variety of different treats to mark the day. Along with the goodbyes and the treats I was able to give two mother’s to be gifts that were variations on what I had been planning, prior to to leaving of course. Unfortunately only one of them were there on my last day, but a coworker promised to deliver it this week so she should be opening it sometime soon.

I had originally planned on making cardigans for the wee ones since they are both due towards the end of summer/early autumn, but I ran out of time and so instead I went with something a bit simpler and still really adorable.



For the hats I followed this pattern, keeping it the same throughout. it was my first time knitting the basic rolled brim hats in fingering weight and I wanted to make sure they would fit. Whereas with the little mittens I ended up shortening the cuff length a bit on both, otherwise I followed this pattern.

In the end it was good to be able to give these two mother’s to be something for their little ones. As soon as I found out that they were pregnant I had planned on making something, and while I would have preferred to have done an actual cardigan, the straight up loving reaction I got for the hat and mittens made it oh so worth it.



Live coverage of the Tour De Fleece

I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting to you live from the home of the Introverted Knitter. July marks the Tour De Fleece, a self designed competition where spinners attempt to spin along with the cyclists of the Tour De France, and once again this year, our intrepid Introverted Knitter has decided to jump on board. A relative late comer to the competition, she began her spinning with no real plan in mind.

I am told the first few days of the Tour saw tremendous amounts of spinning, but an unfortunate injury in the form of a blister on her toe, caused IK to have to ease off the treadling. Instead the focus for her came down to spindles, she quickly made progress on one of her spindles, although I am being told that as of now she is still on her first half of the first braid. It’s of this reporter’s opinion that IK seems to have taken a far more leisurely pace than she originally anticipated. It appears that “real life” has intervened during the tour and IK has had to cut back significantly on her spinning time, I am told that she has been dealing with transitioning into a new job, but when I reached out for a comment there was no response. We will keep an eye on this part of the story of any coming developments.

In related news it appears that IK has taken to her supported spindle and has begun working on some lovely BFL fiber. I do know that this was one of the goals that she set for herself for the Tour. It seems that this part of the tour is going well and IK seems content to work on spinning up four ounces of the stuff.

In the end it seems that despite the chaos that can ensue in the lives of these spinners, there is still a little fight left in this spinner and as the Tour begins to wind down, we can expect to see something from the Introverted Knitter.

I am Ira McKnitty-Pants reporting.


Sock Blanket Update for July

So here we are almost halfway through the month and I finally remembered to take a photo of the latest progress with my sock blanket. The last time you all were given a peek it looked like this :IMG_1413

This was back in May I believe, so there has been some significant gains since then. The blanket now looks like this:

I am still building mainly along the two sides with coverage being filled in the middle as needed. You may be able to spot the duplication going on at this point, but I am more than okay with that since the goal is to use up scraps and left overs. It has definitely become a filler project, working rather well for those times where I want to knit, but either don’t want to start a new project or am not sure what to work on, which is kind of how I feel right now anyway.

It’s odd I only have a couple of WIPs that aren’t straight long-term projects on the needles right now, and for some reason I can’t bring myself to cast on anything else. Okay that is not entirely true, I have cast on a few things, but I ended up ripping them out fairly quickly. I suppose I can chalk it up to the heat and the fact that I have been a lot more fatigued lately, who knows? I am sure that the knitting mojo will return, and until then the blanket is here ready for the next square.


Fleece Touring: Days 1-3

I have decided to join the mix of other spinners out there and participate in Tour de Fleece. I am on a couple of teams, but joined the first day of the Tour. This is my first year on a team (or teams) so we shall see what comes of it. So far my spinning has consisted of two different methods and a mix of fibers.

On the wheel is a lovely BFL from Edgewood Garden Studios in the Bee in Your Bonnet colorway. This fiber is wonderful and the colors are so saturated it makes me smile whenever I work on it, the colorway name doesn’t hurt either. I am spinning this fiber ridiculously thin, which means of course the going is slow. I did manage to get the beginnings of a tiny blister on my toe as of Sunday night, this reminded me why I wanted/had a double treadle (but that has been sold and I am saving up for my next one.) I did give my foot a break and manged to spin a small amount with the other foot.

The other focus has been a BFL blend which includes a new to me fiber, firestar (the tag states something about nylon so I am not sure if that is a third fiber or if the firestar itself is composed of nylon…) This is from Yarn Geek Fibers and is in the Summer Beaches colorway (I believe.) One thing is for sure the fiber sure is shiny. I didn’t necessarily mean to pick to BFL projects (although who could blame me, right?) Although the firestar is providing a different take on it all, it has been interesting to see the difference between spinning on a wheel and spinning on a spindle.

So far I am just enjoying the process, I think I will be happy to get these two completed before the end of the tour. Both projects are pretty thin and i am thinking at least one will end up being a chain-ply, although I may be persuaded otherwise.


Are you participating in the tour, if so how is it going for you?

Up to date

Well it would seem that posting about not feeling like I have a lot to post about has inspired me to set to work on some things to show you all. I have made some progress on my July socks and I figured it might be worth a peek.


This was taken last night and so the lighting is a bit different from natural light, but I think that you can at least see the way the colors are playing together in the sock. As with the other Sweet Georgia socks this is a variegated skein that is pooling in a bit of a corkscrew pattern. While I am a big big fan of self striping yarn and I would love for these colors to be in nice neat stripes, I am simply loving the way they are combing.

This sock is reminding me just how much I love Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock yarn, you may remember this was the yarn that caused me to go out and buy a second skein of the stuff before I had even finished my first pair. This is also the yarn that I used to make a pair of socks for the Giant out of the same colorway that I used for a pair for me (aka two skeins bought separately out of the same colorway for two different pairs of socks.) If you would have asked me before if there was a way (aside from self striping) that could cause me to enjoy this yarn more, I wouldn’t have been able to think of anything, but now that I am knitting with size US 0 (2.0 mm) I find myself even more in love. The yarn is knitting up into a nice dense little sock of squishy wonderfulness that it is all I can do to try the thing on as is right now. I can definitely see the appeal of knitting with the smaller needles, simply for the squish factor. It feels like a soft dense cloud, but still with a bit of springiness to it.

The sock itself is progressing well considering it is only the third of the month, I have been knitting on it fairly exclusively the last few days which helps. I am still not taking any knitting to work, which means that all knitting is done after hours. I find that overall I don’t seem to have too much on the needles right now and even less that isn’t in long-term hibernation. I think the fewer projects  probably has a bit to do with the fact that it is Summer, the humidity, heat, and I do not play well together; additionally I find myself with a lack of inspiration right now. I can’t seem to find anything that I am just dying to knit, nor do I have any real deadline knitting which seems to result in very little for me to work on. I can’t complain too much I know that the yarn isn’t going anywhere, but it would be nice to catch some startitist and want to cast on all the things. Oh well, what’s a knitter to do?

How’s your knitting going? Anyone else finding their knitting inspiration slowed right now? Do you relate it to the weather or something else?

Swing and a Miss…

The pair of socks I was hoping to finish before the end of June didn’t get done. Instead of dwelling on this fact, I have decided to forge ahead and I picked my sock yarn for July.

This time it is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in the Rouge colorway. IMG_1530

I think this yarn helps me stand a good chance of getting back on the personal sock club bandwagon, which is probably going to be needed as I have decided to go down a needle size to a US 0 (2.0 mm.) The decision to go down was born out of a desire to produce a denser fabric, and while I think the Sweet Georgia is some seriously good sock yarn I have noticed a few of my softer yarns seem to be getting a little threadbare in far too short of a time.

As far as June goes, I am going to chalk the whole thing up to experience; the yarn and I just weren’t able to come to an agreement on how it wanted to be worked up. The first few attempts to knit a pair of socks were met with splits and odd tension issues, I switched to bamboo needles hoping that it might help to at least give the yarn something to grip to, this worked but it was still splitting too much for my tastes. I am thinking that after a bit of a time out I may try this yarn again, I do want to give it a try since it has such a nice feel to it.

In other news I have been battling a tension headaches and sinus/allergy issues lately which has left me feeling wiped (of course Fibromyalgia doesn’t help matters.) This has meant less crafting overall which is a big reason for the lack of updating here, I feel like if I don’t have something to show, then I don’t have something to post about. It might just be a justification in my mind, in which case I would love to hear from you. Do you all only come for the photos? Are there any topics you are interested in hearing about? Any burning questions you want me to answer? In other words I would love to hear from you all as well.

Well i think that is it for now, until next time.

A little like Honey Badger

at least that is how I feel about the fact that my June socks are not going to happen. The socks, or rather the very partial beginnings of the first sock have been frogged. I have about a week until the end of the month and this past Saturday I saw the writing on the wall. The socks were not going to work. After a rather disappointing start, the month of June seemed to be following closer to how March turned out for Caesar, than anything resembling a victory. I ended up give the sock very little attention this past month and when Saturday rolled around and I was just putting in the waste yarn for a heel, I came to terms with the fact that I was just not into it. At this point I considered my options:

1) Continue slogging through the socks, overcoming a lack of interest, a difficult yarn/needle combo, and a short time frame.

2) Put the sock down, leaving it to languish on the needles, a slow and quite death until sometime in the future I needed to scavenge for those sock needles.

3)Attempt to figure out a way to cast on and knit a completely new pair of socks out of the same yarn in a little over a week.

4)Attempt to figure out a way to cast on and knit a completely new pair of socks out of different yarn in a little over a week.

5) Deny all existence of said socks and pretend that I had never even drawn for this month.

6) Frog the damn things and be done with it.

As you may have realized I opted for number 6. I am still planning on pulling my sock bag for the month of July, and I am hopeful of continuing to keep my goal of knitting a pair a month. I have even think I might be able to get there on a technicality for June. I have a pair, well it was more like 3/4 of a sock, that has been on the needles since January. I picked these up around the same time that I realized the June socks weren’t working, but I wasn’t ready to pull the plug. I managed to finish the foot and toe, as well as make it through the ribbing of the second sock. This pair is for the Giant, so I might be pushing close to the deadline for these as well, but I am thinking I might still follow the attitude of Honey Badger and not worry so much.


FFNF: A handspun Hat

Happy Friday! We finally made it. I have a quick FO to show you, one that took me less than two full days to complete. I have been working on quite a few projects and almost all of them are fairly long hauls and I found myself wanting something that would provide me with a relatively instant gratification. I dug around my stash and found this beauty hanging out in my Hand spun section, although it wasn’t my hand spun.

I have spoken before of the wonderfulness that is Ms. Marja, you all remember Marja, the spinner extraordinaire who is generous with her finished yarns (thanks to the fact that she herself doesn’t knit…yet) Of course I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have a friend like her, and not just because she gives away such lovely items. She is an honest to goodness awesome person and a real joy to be around. Okay enough with the mushy stuff.

The hat was knit out of a lovely chain plied yarn that I have no details on other than the fact that it is something really soft and brightly colored. To me it just seemed to make sense as a hat, and that is what it became.


A lovely little 2×2 ribbed hat that is long enough to cover my ears and short enough that the pom-pom puff on top doesn’t look too silly. I love this hat, I love the way the striping worked out and the fact that it is dense and squishy; it makes me almost wish for winter (but let’s not get crazy here.) The pom-pom was some generic white wool out of my stash and while I almost wonder if it should have been bigger, the Giant feels that it is just right.



Note the excitement on my face. Now to dream of cooler days and look about for the next projects to cast on.

FFWW: The Dyeing Arts-Absinthe

I finally (and I mean finally) finished a spin! This was plied on Sunday and rested until last night. The long resting had little to do with the fiber and more to do with the fact that I didn’t manage to wind it off until then.

The singles were spun on my Bosworth spindle over the course of a few months. The colors varied between a vibrant green to a deep grape purple, with a muddying of the two in between. The fiber wasn’t the best I have ever spun, I think it had been handled a lot before I claimed it as mine. I was drawn to the colors at first and then the fact that it was BFL clinched the deal for me. 

The plying took considerably less time, I opted for my wheel simply because I wanted this skein to be mine sooner. I noticed that once again I seemed to have under spun the singles. I find that when I am spinning on my spindle I always feel like I am getting just the right amount of twist, maybe even a little over twist, but when I transfer to the wheel it always seems to be under spun. Any spindler’s out there have any suggestions or tips? Have you had this happen to you?

The yarn was given a bath after this last photo was taken, so I don’t have a yardage count yet. It is one of my thinnest spins so I am hoping for some nice distance. I opted for a two ply which meant the colors were a bit muddled, although there are definitely a few sections where the colors lined up to create a deeper hue. Over all I am pretty fond of it (come on who wouldn’t be, it’s BFL) and I am thinking a shawl is in its destiny, although which one remains to be seen. IMG_1515

How is your spinning going?


FFN: Hitched number 2

This has actually been done since the 6th of this month, but photos weren’t taken until this weekend. This is my second hitchhiker and once again I am supremely happy with this one. A small aside, I seem to be unable to find the first one I knit. I know that might seem odd, but I swear I have pretty much searched all the nooks and crannies of this house and I have come up short. I remember seeing it in the downstairs hall closet a few months ago, but since then I haven’t seen the dang thing.

Anyway in spite of, or perhaps because of the missing first shawl I made myself a second one. This time I used some malabrigo I had in the stash in the Cot D’Azure colorway. This yarn was originally bought with socks in mind, but I thought it was too pretty and too functional to be used on someones feet. It might help that the yarn in question has no nylon and it might have something to do with the fact that the yarn is ridiculously soft, okay it is really for those three reasons.

The shawl itself was started way back in March, which may not seem that for a shawl to be on the needles, but I can tell you that it was put down around April and promptly ignored for almost two full months. I finally pulled it back out a couple of weeks ago and set to work. I had a little less than half of the shawl done the first time I worked on it so it meant a lot more knitting (the rows get longer as you go along.) The shawl itself is fairly straight forward and I definitely had more confidence in my ability to read my knitting this time around. I think the first time I knit this I was making a point to use a row counter to keep track, whereas this time I was able to count the stitches at the end and go from there.

I ended up using right around 375 yards to make it and I did mange to get all 42 teeth. This time the shawl feels a little smaller and the color seems to lend itself more to my clothing choices. Of course now that summer weather has kicked in this shawl won’t be seeing much action. Although the level of air conditioning at work may allow me to take it out a few times. image_medium2 (3)

I ended up having to fold the thing over on itself because I wasn’t able to get up high enough to snap a full shot. I didn’t follow the patterns bind off method because last time I end up with some funky tension. Instead I did a simple k1, slip stitch back on to left needle and k2tog through back loop. This time there wasn’t any puckering and it is stretchy enough for my taste. I did block it, but I did it lightly and didn’t bother with pinning it. Of course this meant the Giant and I were herding cats away from it the entire evening. For some reason Toby seemed particularly enamored with it, I think it might have been the tails that I hadn’t woven in yet. The other two cats paid attention and at least one laid on top of it at every opportunity.

Other than the lack of photos the project was a success in my opinion. When I picked it back up I was reminded how much I enjoy the pattern and the end result. Rest assured I have made a point of placing it with my other finished shawls, in hopes that it too won’t sprout legs and walk away.

So how is your knitting going?

My Wednesday Night

was spent catching up on podcasts and crafting. What kind of crafting you ask? Well first I did a little knitting on my June socks, the yarn is ridiculously soft and kind of slippery which is so not what I expected. I don’t dislike it, but it does mean I need to adjust my approach to knitting just a little bit.


Secondly I opted for a little spinning. I have been slowly (and I mean slowly) working my way through some fiber I picked up way back in December (it was probably started in January to be fair.) It is The Dyeing Arts BFL in the Absinthe colorway. I have been spinning the singles on my beloved Bossie and as I near the end I am trying to decide if I want to ply on a (different) spindle which would be a first for me, or if I want to go ahead and ply on Beatrice (my Prelude.) I am thinking I want to do a 2 ply since the singles are so thin I should get pretty good yardage out of all of it, but at the same time since they are so thin, maybe I should try a three-ply or even a chain ply to keep the color repeats….decisions decisions.



June Socks: Substitution

I ended up drawing for my June socks on June 1st and while I had placed all this yarn in the bags with the intent of knitting things in my stash, when I took this month’s selection out I realized that this yarn was just not going to cut it. I have grown a lot as a knitter since starting in 2010 and in that time my tastes have changed a lot too. With the struggle that came from knitting the last pair of socks, I have made the decision to substitute the chosen yarn for a different one that I actually want to knit in my stash. The offending yarn will be dealt with at a later date.

For my June selection and to kick off Sock-it To Summer (check out Knot a Podcast for more details) I am going with this yarn.


It is a new to me yarn and while this might end up biting me in the back side for now I am going to try to be optimistic. Keep the needles crossed for me!


FFN: May Socks

I managed to finish these socks, (finally) but technically I didn’t finish before the end of May. I looped through the  last of the Kitchener stitch on the last heel at 12:07 AM on June 1st. While not technically completed in the month I am still going to call them my May socks. These were for the Giant and while I really don’t mind knitting for him, these socks were definitely a testament to my love for him. I don’t what it was about these socks but I just wasn’t into them. They seemed to take forever, in part this was aided by the fact that I didn’t take them to work, instead I have been taking books and reading during my down time. I find that people are somewhat less likely to try to talk to you if you are reading a book. Of course this isn’t always the case, but this introvert needs a little down time every now and then.

Speaking of reading I finished another book, this time I decided to give John Grisham a try. I read The Firm, while it wasn’t my favorite book ever and there were some areas that the story felt forced it was over all okay. I think I still prefer the legal thriller, and while this gives the impression it will be about that, it isn’t. I would still be willing to give some of his other books a try, so that at least means I didn’t hate the book.

Back to the socks, these were a standard vanilla pair, with an “afterthought” heel inserted after the main portion was finished. I am not overly impressed with the way they look nor with the way the yarn worked up. I had quite a few times where the yarn was splitty as well as a few times when there were some slubby bits. I don’t know if I just ended up with a bad skein or if the colorway/dyeing contributed to some of the issues but I am kind of happy that this is the only one I picked up of this color. These socks come from the same base as these other pair of socks for the Giant, and I can say after a year that those first pair are a little pilly but otherwise they seem to be okay. I don’t know how much rotation they see, so I can’t really judge how well these new ones will hold up. I said in the previous post that I might consider purchasing this yarn again, but now I am on the fence. I do have one more skein in the stash and while I don’t see it becoming socks, I am willing to give it a shot as something else.

Okay enough rambling, I know you are just here for the photo.

IMG_1480As you can see there was quite a bit of pooling happening on the cuffs, but the swirl pattern seemed to take hold once I hit the legs.


Pattern: My own plain vanilla

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Hand Painted- in the Pony Ride colorway

Needle size: US1 or  2.25 MM


What is on your needles right now?


Who? for Two

This past weekend saw me knitting quite a bit. I managed to finish a pair of hats for a coworker who is becoming an aunt times two in a few months. The parents-to-be had decided to forgo knowing the gender of the babies and so I worked up a little pattern to play off of their nursery theme.

First I made the basic construction of the hatsIMG_1460

I ended up inverting the main colors at the request of the auntie-to-be, and I think it really does look rather lovely. The theme for the nursery is owl’s and I am thinking the end result might just be cute enough to live up to all the other wonderful things for the new tiny humans.

What do you all think?


I ended up making my own pattern for these as I couldn’t find anything just right. I did use a variation on the eyes and beaks from this pattern although I tweaked both a little to suit my needs. Over all I am really happy with how they turned out and I believe my coworker will be too.

In other news the socks and I are still in the slog, growth is happening but at a snail’s pace. I know my lack of singular focus (or much of any to be honest) is to blame. Here I am with five days to spare and I have one foot and a toe plus two heels to finish in that time. Considering my race to the finish the last few times this one should prove to be no less exciting.

So how’s your knitting going?

Mail Day

Yesterday was a pretty good mail day here at the home of the Introverted Knitter. Last week I purchased my very first skein from Lamby Toes, which is the shop of the wonderful podcast Knot A Podcast. I have been following this podcast for over a year now and I can safely say it is one of my favorites. Amanda does a great job of not only sharing what’s on her needles/spinning wheel/ cross stitch, but she also makes a point to share a bit about her daily life, which I always appreciate. So if you are looking for a lovely new podcast, definitely check her out.

But back to the yarn, because let’s be honest this is what you all want to see anyway. This yarn is hand-dyed by Amanda, and it is a speckled yarn. I have not actually worked with a speckled dyed yarn before (that I can remember at least) but from what others have mentioned it seems like it has similar addictive properties to self-striping, which I am all for.

My colorway is called Bad Egg, and it is on her Moon-Pie Merino base, which is a 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon blend. I should note that the colors are not done justice in the photo they are more varied and vivid than they appear.IMG_1457

I also managed to snag a Lamby-Toes button which I am pretty jazzed about, growing up my elementary school always had a “button day” where each student tried to wear as many buttons as possible, I can remember one year I was decked out in buttons, to the point I had to have a shirt that I could take off. Needless to say I “won” that year, but anyway I am still a fan of buttons, and even more so when I can represent the knitting world with them.

As for what I am going to make with this lovely skein, that remains to be seen. My original idea was to make socks, but now that I see it in person I am wondering if I should make a shawl or something else. Anyone out there have an opinion? I would love to get some feed back.

In other news today through Monday I am off work which means there will be lots of crafting going on here, as long as I can stay awake (gotta love the fatigue from Fibromyalgia and UCTD, right?) I am still plugging away on my May socks, but am only just a wee bit past the ribbing on the second sock. The slow going is due in large part because I haven’t been bringing my knitting to work, instead I have been burning through quite a few books lately. I am a big suspense fan, and I have recently started reading the Lincoln Lawyer series (I am not positive they are actually a series, but so far the two I have read have been awesome) I haven’t seen the movie based on the first book, I want to, but there is a small part of me that knows it won’t be nearly as good as the book and so I might end up disappointed.

How about you? How has your crafting going? Read anything good lately?

Thursday Spinning

Thanks to the fact that I haven’t been sleeping the greatest this week I have managed to get a little time here and there on some SIPs (Spins in progress.) I still haven’t managed to get the hang of the supported spindle so sadly nothing to share with that, but I do have some progress to show from the nifty 3D printed Turkish spindle.


This spindle comes to me via the TurtleMade Etsy shop. I am spinning some Edgewood Garden Studio fiber, Falkland in the Balmy Waters colorway. I am still amazed at how thin I can go with small spindle, and how long it spins, I am certainly enjoying getting to know the new addition to the herd.

Not to be outdone, Beatrice and I spent a little time together the other evening, and I made some progress on a rather lengthy spin. This just happens to be Edgewood Garden Studio fiber and it also happens to be Falkland (I did not plan that I promise!) This colorway is called Scotch Broom and I have had it on the wheel for far too long. I am still less than halfway through the 4 ounces which is pretty awesome considering how the bobbin is filling up.


There hasn’t been any real reason for the downtime in spinning nor could I completely pin point the sudden rise. Perhaps it’s thanks to the podcasts I have been watching? Whatever the reason, I am happy to be back at the fiber-filled activities.

I think it is safe to say the cats are too.

Sock Blanket May 2015 Update

So here we are, another month and I am ready to show you my progress on the sock blanket. Last time we saw the blanket it looked like this:


Which was actually back at the tail end of March. I had knit through the majority of the colors I owned and had just started adding on some that I got in a barter with Shells. Well the blanket has been getting steady attention, to the point where I finally am beginning to repeat colors. I still have a few new ones to add on, but there will be repeats throughout.

Here is the blanket as of last night:


There has been lateral and horizontal growth on it. I hadn’t decided early enough which side was going to be the length and which would be my width which has resulted in the odd growth. I am starting to think it might be worth it to follow in the footsteps of other knitters and pick one side to be my width and make that as wide as I want it and then work up. It might prove a little easier to work on in terms of lining up colors. So far it hasn’t been too difficult, I just seem to run into wanting to place too similar of colors together. I have noticed that my palate (and that of Shells) are dramatically different. I tend to have the more autumnal colors and hers proved the bright pops of color. Which works out pretty well, don’t you agree?


How’s your crafting going?

May Socks: Pony Express

I managed to finish my April socks and pull my bag for May.



Yarn- Regia
Colorway- Fallen Leaves
Pattern-Plain vanilla with a new heel. I ended up trying the sweet tomato heel, which fits just fine.

Technically the Giant pulled the bag, which is fitting since this month’s pair will be for him.


The yarn is Knit Picks imagination in the Pony Ride colorway. I am not sure if I will do anything special with these socks or if I will stick with the plain vanilla. The Giant is decidedly undecided on any type of changes done to the socks. He is just happy to get them. Work will be crazy the next few days, but I am hoping to cast on soon.

In other news, I did receive two lovely additions in the mail recently. I ended up selling my Honey Bee spinning wheel almost a month ago, because I just wasn’t using it as often as I was hoping to and I really want something a bit lighter for a double-treadle/travel wheel. Because of this I ended up with a little extra money in my spending fund. This meant that when I finally decided to make the plunge into two new types of spindles I was able to jump in with both feet.

First I purchased this awesome 3-D printed Turkish spindle from Turtle Made over on Etsy. The spindle is so much lighter than any of the other ones I own and it spins like a dream. Also how cool is it that this thing is 3D printed? I mean how much further until we can just request, “tea, Earl Grey, hot”? (If you don’t get the reference, here is a delightful little clip set for you.)



I ended up with an all lilac which is just fine with me since I am a big fan of purple. I was a little nervous trying out a Turkish spindle, simply because I haven’t ever used a bottom whorl spindle and let’s be honest the thing looks a little wild with the arms. After watching a Youtube video on how to wind the little “turtle” I was off and running. I forgot to snap a photo of the WIP, but I will try to later.

The second spindle was a custom order from the somewhat difficult to snag Texas Jeans. I worked with Josh via Etsy to get a custom order and about a month later I am now the proud new owner of this little beauty.


I chose a Bocote and Curly Maple 5/8 oz Tibetan Spindle in part because it matches my Bossie (the zebra style on the whorl) and in part because I just thought it looked pretty. I forgot to order a bowl at the same time, but have remedy the situation and one is now winging itself to me as we speak. I purchased it from this store.

So that’s what is new with me, how are you all doing? Any big spinning or knitting plans for your weekend?



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