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December 14, 2012

The knitting is still going on (shall I ever be done?) But I have finally switched gears and jumped back into writing. I took about a week and a half off from my NaNoWriMo story and after being rejected for my 96..97? job application I have decided to throw myself back into it. I was able to tell my best friend about the plot this past weekend and she thought it sounded cool, and was super encouraging (which was super helpful in terms of the return to working on this.) The latest NaNo project has left me feeling excited and to be honest more than a little bit confident in my ability to see this writer thing come true.



This story marks the first time I have shared the plot with someone (all the way through) and the first time I actually have an ending (every other piece of writing has fallen victim to my big fear of being too simple/stupid and usually ends up getting scrapped before I make any real progress.) I have decided to stick with this project and try to see it through another round of drafts. I am hoping that this time thanks in part to my own excitement and that of others  I will be able to quiet the nagging voice in my head that says the plot is stupid, my writing is weak and my hair looks bad (tricky and cruel internal editor) and have a book I can be proud of soon(ish).

The most challenging part will be overcoming my fears. For you writers out there, is there any particular technique that seems to help you quiet the internal editor? Anything you have done to stick to your writing and trudge past the doubt?



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  1. danadoodle permalink

    Although I’m not a writer, I have very similar issues when I think about being a knitwear designer – the pattern’s horrible, there are five other patterns that are the same, it looks unprofessional, etc.
    Super fun things to deal with.

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