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Fresh From the Needles:Delayed Edition

January 23, 2017

Today’s FFN post is brought to you by the delay of uploading photos. We know that you may not have a choice in when we send your photos via email, but we are sure glad you have to wait on us. 

Happy Monday everyone. I know I know I am metaphorically dodging the soda cans and glares you are throwing my way. I can assure you I am not usually this jovial on Mondays, but after waiting three days for my photos to upload (aka from phone to email as is my usual method) I am just feeling a little bit of glee.

The fresh from the needles post is about a pair of socks for The Giant (see right there, the fact that socks for him are done is cause for celebration, because the dude has big feet.) The finished socks also gave me a much-needed to boost to try two different methods for sock knitting (but more about that in another post.)

The socks in question were cast on at the end of November (with the idea they would be finished by Christmas….that sound you may have heard just now is me laughing at myself.)

The main yarn was a first for me, Zauberball Crazy in some colorway I didn’t think to write down (oops.) The contrasting cuffs, heels, and toes were out of some basic black yarn I picked up at a big box store a while ago.


Overall the socks weren’t anything too complicated, and the yarn was easier to work with than I anticipated. (A 2-ply versus a rounder 3-ply.) The only frustrating part for me was the fact that there didn’t seem to be any consistency (or anyway to find it) to the color sequences which meant that the socks are fraternal instead of identical (although let’s be honest how often do I actually match socks up?)


However, they are done and I am happy. The Giant is too, (considering he chose the colors and they are for him I would hope he’s happy.)

I followed my vanilla sock recipe for them with the contrasting black as needed. Which means it’s time to cast on another pair (hint I have cast on two pairs since these were finished, and have a pair already pretty well started.)


Happy Monday.



  1. Missy's Crafty Mess permalink

    Beautiful socks! I love the contrast of the black

  2. shellssells permalink

    Love them! Zauberball crazy should be though of as handspun. You won’t find a way to match them ever. But the result will be consistently interesting and stunning!

  3. I have yet to try socks again. I have the yarn and needles and now its just getting brave

    • If you have the time I think it is worth trying out again. I know that some people prefer magic loop, DPNS, two circulars or even one 9 inch circular. Lots of options to try out, best of luck!

      • thanks, the first pair I did was on DP, going to try that again. I dont get how people cast on 2 on a circular needles

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