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Sock Blanket Update for July

July 13, 2015

So here we are almost halfway through the month and I finally remembered to take a photo of the latest progress with my sock blanket. The last time you all were given a peek it looked like this :IMG_1413

This was back in May I believe, so there has been some significant gains since then. The blanket now looks like this:

I am still building mainly along the two sides with coverage being filled in the middle as needed. You may be able to spot the duplication going on at this point, but I am more than okay with that since the goal is to use up scraps and left overs. It has definitely become a filler project, working rather well for those times where I want to knit, but either don’t want to start a new project or am not sure what to work on, which is kind of how I feel right now anyway.

It’s odd I only have a couple of WIPs that aren’t straight long-term projects on the needles right now, and for some reason I can’t bring myself to cast on anything else. Okay that is not entirely true, I have cast on a few things, but I ended up ripping them out fairly quickly. I suppose I can chalk it up to the heat and the fact that I have been a lot more fatigued lately, who knows? I am sure that the knitting mojo will return, and until then the blanket is here ready for the next square.



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  1. Serenova permalink

    I feel you. I had a bit of loss of knitting mojo a couple months ago. I only kept going because I’d set the challenge of doing a sock a month, and I didn’t want to loose (even if I was only challenging myself). Of course after I got over that I had a huge case of starteritis and now I’m up to way too many WIPs, but I’m rolling with it and trying to finish things up before I cast any more on.

    I couldn’t really see any duplicates in your sock blanket, so I don’t think anyone will notice. 🙂 I could probably figure it out if I stared at it long enough but I don’t think that’s the point. 😛

  2. It looks good! Very happy, actually – you did a good job mixing bright and more subtle tones. 🙂 Keep it up!

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