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August 8, 2016

I’ve debated how to start this post since last Wednesday. I want to make sure I get the words just right, but as I begin each iteration I find that I continually fall short. A big part of the problem is that my own current state is so jumbled that it’s hard to sort out.

The difficulty for me is trying to express the immense gratitude I feel for having gotten the chance to meet and further get to know the wonderful ladies from the little knitting group. In what will completely and utterly shock all of you (sarcasm) I am not someone who finds it easy to make friends. It’s always been tough and despite the numerous reasons that could be listed, the fact remains I find it extremely difficult to let people in.

The small group of knitters I have gotten to know in the last few years has been a group that not only understands what it means to be an introvert, but continued to accept me even when all of my health stuff started. These are people who have been supportive in ways that flew in the face of my background knowledge and they have shown me what it is like to be around others who get you.

Last Wednesday they decided to have a little going away party. There was delicious cheeses (oh my gosh these ladies have introduced me to so much good food and wine that it boggles the mind) there was wine, there was good conversation and a healthy dose of puppy snuggles thanks to everyones favorite blogless lady, Ms Marja. IMG_3491

The puppy can be seen here as he stares longingly at some cheese and bread. Let it be known that this puppy is a superior puppy snuggler and your very own IntrovertedKnitter can attest to the fact that he is super fond of belly rubs.

The party continued as we sat around with a little crafting, a little conversation and a whole lot of amazing and completely unexpected gifts. Yes that’s right I was spoiled, seriously it was astounding how thoughtful those ladies were.

Okay now to the part you’ve been waiting for, the spoils. Because Shells (and everyone else who talks to me about fiber for five minutes) knows how much I love BFL she presented me with this gem.


It might be a little hard to see in that photo, but it has both purple and green (you will notice that this is a theme for me.) This photo was staged and snapped rather quickly as one of our cats is as big of a sucker for BFL as I am and he kept insisting he get to rub his face in it.

Not to be outdone our lady Marja of the comments and the owner of the super puppy snuggler, ended up bringing a very large and very full bag of her handspun for me to pick through. Despite the desire to take it all, along with the lack of space, I managed to pick out only four skeins. (I will admit I was a full on woolpig, I probably should have stuck to one or two but like with most things that just so awesome it was hard to portion control.)

First up a beautiful and soft and…and… and… (insert adjective of choice) skein out of Julie Spins fiber in the colorway Blue Dancer (although it was the purple that got me…go figure.) Ultrafine merino that is so soft I am thinking the 410 yards needs to be a nice shawl or cowl or simply a skein I wear around my neck while out and about.


Next was a yarn that I selflessly snagged because, A) It’s Marja’s handspun, B) the colors are perfect for The Giant and C) Did I mention it was Marja’s handspun?


This is Craggy Mountain, 138 yards of BFL (okay so maybe it was that selfless, and maybe The Giant won’t actually get to wear the hat I make from this.) While this strays a little outside the purple-green motif it was BFL and I admit I am a little weak willed when it comes to the fiber. You will notice that the photo looks darker here (aka less shade) this is because the same fiber loving cat from before decided he needed to supervise from the back of the couch.

The next delightful gift is 100% Falkland in the colorway Circumnavigation and once again you can note the color theme.


There’s no yardage on this one, but it’s green and lovely and it will become something worthy of the hand spun.

Last and certaintly not least is the gorgeous and wonderfully created Delphinium from Friends in Fiber on 100% Falkland. It was mentioned that Ms. Marja made a point to pop this skein in her bag of goodies and it is not hard to see why.


There is just so much purple and green it’s hard to get a good image of it. This yarn has a very strong chance of becoming my new pet. It can simply stay on my desk and recieve pets and adoration from myself.

The evening wound down and each of the ladies departed before it was down to just two of us. In a way it was fitting, the last two being Shells and myself, considering she was the first I talked to and the person who initially invited me to meet up with group of wonderful people that I am thankful were willing to accept the very quiet, anxious and introverted me. As I left her place for the final time I found myself realizing just how lucky I am to have found people who honestly care, who honestly understand and who honestly accept someone for who they are.

Even now as I draw this post to a close there are so many more things I want to write about, so many ways I want to tell you how amazing these ladies are and just so much more I wish I could say. The truth is I am not quite sure how to express it all. The main thing I wanted to say to them was Thank You.




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  1. Marja permalink

    Ok, I’m not commenting on the obvious because then I will be crying. So I’m just not going there. I will say, that you can find all approx. yardage on my Ravelry pages. 🙂

  2. What lovely friends you have!

  3. I miss having knitting friends

  4. shellssells permalink

    Oh boy, now you’ve done it. That thing I’ve been avoiding. You’ve managed to express yourself so beautifully, you’ve put me to tears. Thank YOU! Thank you for being open to meeting new people and spending time with us, and understanding US. And understanding me especially and the times I get overwhelmed and fail to plan things and so on. We’ve been so fortunate to have you around, your observations of the world around you delivered in a dry and matter of fact manner have been a great pleasure to me! We will miss you immensely.

    For the record, while I would love to be viewed as irreplaceable, and I feel certain it’s true you WON’T meet another Marja, I DO think you’ll find your people out there as well. It’s always anxiety creating, to feel socially adrift again, even for an introvert. But, online friendships can take someone a little ways, you’ll have a built in bestie near by, and those things will hold you until you find your Knitters too.

  5. The good news is that in my experience, these types of knitters exist all over. I was heart-broken to leave my group in the Chicago area when we moved, only to find a lovely group here in the Denver area. My advice is to check Ravelry for a knitting group in your new area. Most likely, they will not only accept you but also be happy to help you get settled in the area and find all of those fun things that you need to get settled (best grocery store, doctor, dentist, how to register your car at the DMV, etc.). Good luck and please keep blogging! And if you’re coming to Denver by chance, look us up as we’d love to have you. 🙂

  6. Awwww. You are so lucky to have found them, AND THEY, YOU! These friendship will last across the miles, I am sure of it. And I am still trying to figure out how to get Marja to be my friend, too. 🙂 those skeins are lovely.

    I hope that this wonderful experience will help you in your new place, to find a friend or two, meet other knitters and settle in quickly. You will want to do that because I think that next summer when the mid-west is broiling, they will all be lined up on your cool PNW doorstep. 🙂

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